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New Fudge Dice

I’ve been a fan the Fudge (Free-form Universal Donated Gaming Engine) role-playing game since it first appeared in 1995. However, Fudge dice were always hard to find; and the original plain…

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Hyperborean Race in Golarion

Northern Avistan has seen a lot of activity over the last couple of years. The Jade Regent Adventure Path took us through the Lands of the Linorm Kings and over the Crown of the World. And,…

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New Archetypes for Hollow Earth Expedition

We’ll kick things off with a “blast from the past” as I try to get some old content back online. Hollow Earth Expedition by Exile Game Studios, is one of my favorite games of all time. Here…

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iCrit: Make Critical Hits Even More Fun

Platform: iPhone/iPad
Price: $1.00
Rating: 4-StarsSystems: Pathfinder, OGL 3.5

I have been a fan of Paizo’s Game Mastery cards for a while now. Their treasure cards are great, especially when…


World Calendar

Obsidian Portal

Add a game world calendar to your Obsisdian Portal Wiki. Supports…

  • Earth
  • Golarion
  • Greyhawk
  • Forgotten Realms

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Obsidian Portal

Make an eBook to read your Obsidian Portal adventure logs offline.

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