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Steven Hammond has been a hobby gamer since he received that blue book of wonder for Christmas, 35 years ago. In the years since he has written articles for Pyramid Magazine and the Kobold Press Blog, and contributed to a couple supplements. Twenty-five years ago, he began his first software engineering job as an intern for the Department of Energy Laboratory in Chicago. When Steve combines his love of games and his love of software, great things like this site are born. An earlier version of this site won the Excellence in Innovation award from Obisidan Portal in 2012.


Steven is also passionate about education. He served on his local school board for 7 years, where he led a number of important subcommittees. Steven is also a Solar System Ambassador. He volunteers his time to visit schools, scout groups, etc. to teach people about astronomy and the space program.

Software Engineering

In addition to his gaming exploits, Steven Hammond was an earlier employee and continues to be a technical lead at PatientsLikeMe as they strive to bring patients to the center of health care. Steve also developed a site to put the Higgins Armory collection, online. This is one of the largest collections of medieval arms and armor in the Western Hemisphere. You can find links to these and other software projects below.

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Treasure by the Pound III: AGE ConversionKobold Press Blog, Kobold Press, March 2013
Conversion of prices from earlier articles to the Adventure Gaming Engine ruleset, used in the Dragon Age role-playing game.
Treasure by the Pound II: Non-precious MetalsKobold Press Blog, Kobold Press, January 2013
Rules for awarding non-precious metals as treasure in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
Treasure by the PoundKobold Press Blog, Kobold Press, January 2013
Rules for ingots and other bulk metal forms as treasure in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
Necklace VitalKobold Press Blog, Kobold Press, 2010
A King of the Monsters top 10 contender.
Howard CarterDanger Magnet Magazine, 2008
Real world archaeologist Howard Carter re-imagined for the pulp mythology of Hollow Earth Expedition. Reprinted on this blog.
The Book of DragonsFASA Corporation/Living Room Games, 2004
I wrote the chapter title "The Mated Pair, Asante and Night Sky" for FASA in 1996, but they canceled the product line before publishing the book. LRG published it under license years later.
The Right Tool for the JobPyramid Magazin, Steve Jackson Games, July 1998
New guns and gun rules for the Feng Shui role-playing game.
San Juan in the One and TwentyPyramid Magazine, Steve Jacson Games
The flooded remains of San Juan, Puerto Rico as a Cyberpunk setting.
Reprinted in the Best of Pyramid Volume 2, November 2001.


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Weapon Wednesday: Taking Down Big Game

Sometimes in Feng Shui 2 you go up against something really big and tough: a big bruiser, dinosaur, a giant worm, Tanbi Garau. When dealing with such big game, you need a whole new class of…

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Sylvan Master

Or, WTF Are Those QR Codes in Feng Shui 2

If you were one of the 3,400 Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter backers, or have since acquired it from one of several fine purveyors of gaming pdf’s, you may…

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Feng Shui Site Friday: The Rust Garden

So, yesterday brought some exciting news. The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter passed $163,000 and funded the Mook Attack Sheet Generator. That will allow me to take the tool you can find on this site,…

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Sorcerous Weapons

Magic weapons should rare. They should also be awesome. The sorcerous weapons below make good MacGuffins for an adventure. However, if a hero is going to use it long term it should probably…

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Mook Monday: Demons from the Underworld

It is Mook Monday during Vile Sorcery week. That can only mean one thing: demons! Here 4 terrible demons, inspired by a few classic Shadowfist cards. There are only 2 posts left before the end…

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Feng Shui Site Friday: Ancestral Tomb

This is an exciting week for the Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter. It is the last week, and that means two things. The final mad rush is about to begin, and the best stretch goals are about to come…

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Weapon Wednesday: The Guns of Hollywood

This week’s theme is Action! We are exploring the fun that could be had by incorporating the movie industry into your campaign. Action! Week has brought fight scenes on a sound stage and movie…

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Mook Monday: Hollywood Stars

Ah, the glitz of Hollywood. Home to the stars that entertain us and the mass of wannabe’s who fill roles like “Zombie #1” and “Falling off ledge guy.” Here is a collection of Hollywood’s…

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Feng Shui Site Friday: Sound Stage

The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter is more than half-done, and things are going very well. I swear I thought of this weeks theme before Robin’s Blowing Up The Movies stretch goal was announced. I’m…

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Weapon Wednesday: Water Guns

Wrapping up Ocean week, we have three “water guns”. Not the Super Soaker kind, but the kind that can shoot underwater, including a big one to take down aquatic demons.

Friday starts a new…

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Mook Monday: Pirates and Sharks

Arrgh, Matey…

It’s Mook Monday again and this week’s theme is beach front battles. So, what sort of ocean bad guys spring to mind. Pirates of course. Because of the power of Chi, we have both…

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Feng Shui Site Friday: Turtle Beach

The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter is going gangbusters. We, the fans, have unlocked all the archetypes and the second pop-up juncture is coming soon. Related to this post, Atlas Games announced the…

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Weapon Wednesday: Compact Shotguns

Wrapping up our urban jungle week, we have 3 compact shotguns for mean streets and close quarters of an urban environment.

MAG-7 (12/4/5)

I don’t know why this little piece of awesome from…

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Mook Monday: Urban Trouble

Despite the title, Mook Monday is not just mooks. We will cover a variety of featured foes and bosses as well. In keeping with this week’s urban jungle theme, we have some urban trouble makers…

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Feng Shui Site Friday: The Urban Jungle

Welcome to the jungle
We take it day by day
If you want it you’re gonna bleed
But it’s the price you pay
— Guns N’ Roses

The urban jungle. That’s the theme of my Feng Shui blog posts over…

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Weapon Wednesday: Light Machine Guns

Welcome to Weapon Wednesday, because alliteration is always awesome. No? Well how about because the Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter goes live today! I want to start my series of blog entries with…

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A Golden Comeback

Click, click, click. Light from the naked bulb reflected off polished brass as bullet after bullet found their way home into the magazine. A man in a nicely tailored suit, droped the full clip…

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New Fudge Dice

I’ve been a fan the Fudge (Free-form Universal Donated Gaming Engine) role-playing game since it first appeared in 1995. However, Fudge dice were always hard to find; and the original plain…

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Hyperborean Race in Golarion

Northern Avistan has seen a lot of activity over the last couple of years. The Jade Regent Adventure Path took us through the Lands of the Linorm Kings and over the Crown of the World. And,…

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Howard Carter in Hollow Earth Expedition

This was an article I wrote back in 2008 for the premier issue of Danger Magnet magazine. Last week was Howard Carter’s 138th birthday and an exciting new Egypt Exhibit is coming to the Boston…

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Arkham Horror Toolkit

  • App: Arkham Horror Toolkit
  • Platform:iPhone
  • Price: $2.99
  • Rating: ***
  • Systems: Arkham Horror Board Game and Expansions
  • Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

I remember that first game of Arkham…

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iCrit: Make Critical Hits Even More Fun

Platform: iPhone/iPad
Price: $1.00
Rating: 4-Stars Systems: Pathfinder, OGL 3.5

I have been a fan of Paizo’s Game Mastery cards for a while now. Their treasure cards are great, especially…

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New Archetypes for Hollow Earth Expedition

We’ll kick things off with a “blast from the past” as I try to get some old content back online. Hollow Earth Expedition by Exile Game Studios, is one of my favorite games of all time. Here…


FS2 Mook Attack Sheets

Feng Shui

Making separate attack rolls for each mook in a fight just slows the game down. Generate over 600 rolls all at once and cross them off as you use them.

tools , feng shui

FS2 GMC Name Generator

Feng Shui

Generate a set of random names for your FS2 game master characters.

tools , feng shui


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With only a few exceptions, this site and all of its articles, content, markup and source code are…
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Steven Hammond

Steve Hammond's 35 years of experince in hobby gaming has led to publication in Pyramid Magazine, the Kobold Press blog and more. His 25 years of software development experience has led from climate models to PatientsLikeMe where steve was employee #2. This site is the mutant offspring of those two interests.

You can connect to Steve on a variety of social media.

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