Despite the title, Mook Monday is not just mooks. We will cover a variety of featured foes and bosses as well. In keeping with this week’s urban jungle theme, we have some urban trouble makers to challenge your players.


Drunken Rioters (8/11/5)

Oh no, the local sportsball team lost. Or these days, maybe the team won. Perhaps the crowd was just manipulated by propaganda or foul sorcery. In any case, the streets are filled with drunken rioters who will probably feel ashamed of their behavior in the morning. The character’s will want to use discretion and non-lethal force against these guys, as they go after the bad guys who started the riot in the first place. Because they are drunk and not warriors, these nooks have a lower defense than normal.
Damage: 8 (stick), 7 (punch)

Dock Workers (8/13/5)

These guys don’t want you poking your noses into other peoples cargo.
Damage: 9 (assorted, heavy, blunt objects)

Second Story Thief

As a professional in the illicit acquisitions industry, the thief might be a friend, or opponent of the characters. Or both. She doesn’t do wet work, and prefers to avoid confrontation if at all possible. In the world of Feng Shui that is rarely possible.


Weapons: Sig-Sauer P230 (9/1/4)
Skills: Intrusion 14

Sorcerous Hood

This hood seemed destined to be a nobody until a strange man taught him a little magic. Every once in a while the strange man’s friends request a favor, but that’s stuff the hood would do anyway. Right?


Weapons: Blast (10), Colt King Cobra (11/3/5)
Bonus Schticks: Magnetic blast, Exemplary prostrations


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