Wrapping up our urban jungle week, we have 3 compact shotguns for mean streets and close quarters of an urban environment.


MAG-7 (12/4/5)

I don’t know why this little piece of awesome from South Africa doesn’t appear in all the movies. It looks like a fat UZI with a fore-grip that is actually the pump action. Special, shortened 12-gauge ammunition is loaded in a magazine through the handle. This means that the MAG-7 can be reloaded in only 3 shots.

Serbu Super Shorty

Serbu Super Shorty (13/3/6)

A concealable pump action shotgun. So what if it only has 3 shots, when they are 3 12-gauge shots. The less well names Franci PA3 has the same stats. Because of their lower capacity, reloading these shotguns take 3 shots.

Sawed Off Side by Side Shotgun (13/3/7)

The classic double barreled shotgun with the stock removed and the barrel cut down to less than the legal 18”. Because it only holds 2 shells, this shotgun can be reloaded in 3 shots.

Sawed off shotguns


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