The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter is going gangbusters. We, the fans, have unlocked all the archetypes and the second pop-up juncture is coming soon. Related to this post, Atlas Games announced the Fistfull of Fight Scenes expansion. Seven cool set pieces for your adventures, with tips for fighting in them and plot hooks for your campaign. While creating a set piece in Feng Shui is pretty easy, having examples for inspiration is always helpful. I hope this week’s location inspires something awesome in your game.

Beach Front Battles is the theme for the week. On Mook Monday we’ll have some undead pirates and sharks to defend the beach. Wednesday will wrap up the week with three awesome water-related weapons your characters can use to storm the beaches. But now we’ll kick the week of with a feng shui site inspired by a classic Shadowfist card.

Surfs up!

Turtle Beach


Deep orange light reflects off the fine sand as the sun sets against the ocean’s distant horizon. The gentle lapping of the surf, and the distant cry of a seagull are all that you can hear. The day fades to darkness as you settle into the tall grasses covering the dune. Turning on your night vision, you peer out into the darkness. Slow, lumbering shapes crawl out of the ocean and work their way up the sand. Flippers made for swimming work to push aside the sand, making a hole large enough for a hundred eggs. Turning your gaze out to sea, you see two boats making their way towards the shore. As usual, the New Simian Army’s timing couldn’t be worse.

Sea turtles are found in tropical waters all over the world, including the hotly contested South China Sea. Sea turtles are cute and lovable. You don’t want them to become victims of the Chi War.

Cool Things That Can Happen

  • The Ex-Special Forces member should rise out of the ocean firing the biggest gun he can find
  • The immunity bonus for soft sand or water is +2
  • Sand will get thrown in somebody’s face
  • Salt water must hurt when it gets into wounds
  • Dune buggies vs. jet skis
  • Coconuts can be thrown or broken over somebody’s head for 8 damage.
  • SCUBA tanks can also be used as improvised weapons for 9 damage
  • There are sharks waiting for somebody to get into the water (come back Monday for shark stats)
  • A bad guy might try to use a turtle as a shield. He should be punished for this
  • If stunned at the wrong time a mook might get washed out to sea by a large wave
  • An outboard motors, with a spinning propeller, can get torn off the back of a boat and used as a weapon
  • WWII era bunkers, crumbling with age and neglect might provide cover or access to rusty, old junk

Special Powers

Attuning with Turtle Beach is, in a sense, making a pact with the turtles. In their limited way, they hope that you will protect them and the beach. In return, their chi will help protect you. When this relationship is in balance both sides prosper.

When the characters attune to Turtle beach, they get eight Marks of Death (shared between all of them). Each of these Marks of Death, can be used to cancel a Mark of Death inflicted on any attuned character. If all eight Marks of Death are ever used, the last turtle dies and the Chi of the beach dissipates. If the characters lose attunement to the beach they have shown that they cannot protect the turtles’ chi and they will not be able to attune to it again.

In Your Campaign

The turtles are meant to tug at your players’ heart strings. Turtle Beach will be more fun if you can get your players to care and fret over using the turtles to save themselves. Somebody should die dramatically because they took that last Mark of Death themselves rather than destroy the beach.

The Obvious

Somebody connected with one of the characters is a scientist, park ranger or concerned citizen. She needs help to protect the beach from those who want to exploit or destroy it. The Lodge might want to build a luxury resort on the beach to channel Chi into something they can control. Any of the other factions might want its power for themselves, or to kill it off to prevent others from having it.

The Unlikely

In a period of escalating tensions, a group of Taiwanese college students who were helping with sea turtle research has gone missing. Taiwan blames China, while China claims this shows that Taiwan is incapable of protecting its own people. Meanwhile, the Dragons sense that something is amiss. Can they follow the clues from the beach to the real culprit and avert war in Southeast Asia?

The Outlandish

In 1850, a transformed turtle betrayed the Ascended and took up a life of piracy in the South China Sea. Rumor has it that he became quite wealthy, trading the secrets and spoils of the Chi War with anyone who could pay. Until, one day a Lotus sorcerer double crossed him, forcing him to revert into turtle form.

The pirate kept the map to his treasure tattooed to his chest. After he fell into the sea there was no way to find his treasure, or the secrets he kept. Until a video turned up on the internet of a large, old turtle with strange markings on its shell. Strange markings that look like a map? Now the race is on to see which faction can find the turtle first.


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