Arrgh, Matey…

It’s Mook Monday again and this week’s theme is beach front battles. So, what sort of ocean bad guys spring to mind. Pirates of course. Because of the power of Chi, we have both undead historical pirates and not dead yet modern ones. And sharks. Don’t forget the sharks.


Skeletal Pirates (8/13/5)

Maybe they only look skeletal under the light of the moon, or maybe they are always skeletal. In any case, these nooks crew ghostly pirate ships and protect long buried treasure.

Damage: 9 (cutlass, knives, boat hooks, etc.)

Modern Pirates (8/13/5)

These guys are never skeletal and carry AK-47’s instead of cutlasses. If the characters have vehicles, then you might want to give a couple of these guys RPG’s as well.

Damage: 13 (AK-47)

A Shiver of Sharks (8/13/5)

In real life, these sharks are probably too small to bother with people. In Feng Shui 2, a group of them might go into a blood frenzy when somebody gets too far into the water.

Damage: 10 (bite)

Modern Pirate Boss

Leading a band of modern pirate nooks, the boss captains a small, high speed boat. While he gets a bigger share of any loot that his nooks, he still passes most of his gains up to this boss. Organized crime is the same world over. Even though he is in charge of his boat, he doesn’t have any actual leadership skills. That what intimidate is for.


Weapons: UZI (10) or Amsel Striker (13), knife (8)
Vehicle: Powerboat (7/6/6)
Skills: Drive 13, Intimidate 11
Driving Schticks: Pedal to the Metal, Ram Speed I

Great White Shark

Great White Shark

If the bad guy has a lair on or near the ocean, there are probably a couple big sharks hanging around. A steady diet of failed minions will do that. They might also be trolling around pirate infested waters, tropical lagoons or any beach front location that might otherwise be too boring.


Weapons: Teeth (13)
Creature Schticks: Natural Weapon, Steel Hide

The Boss

Undead Pirate Captain

Undead pirate hordes need a captain. This captain will most likely be found on his ghost ship, which is more location than vehicle.


Weapons: Cutlass (9), Several black powder pistols (7/3/6)
Skills: Guns 15, Leadership 14, Intimidation 13
Resistances: Will 10
Creature Schticks: Regeneration 1
Foe Schticks: Ablative Lackey, Auto Re-Arm, Back to the Wall, Furious Wrath


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