Wrapping up Ocean week, we have three “water guns”. Not the Super Soaker kind, but the kind that can shoot underwater, including a big one to take down aquatic demons.

Friday starts a new week, with an interesting new theme. Come back and check it out!


H&K P11 (9/3/5)

Designed by Heckler & Koch for special forces units. The P11 has 5 chambers which are sealed, allowing the gun to fire while submerged. Relatively rare in the movies, Angela Jolie used one in the second Tomb Raider movie.

Speargun (10/4/6)

The classic underwater weapon, a large rubber band drives a barbed stick into the target. It is hard to find an underwater action sequence that doesn’t have some of these.


Harpoon (13/ - / 6)

This is not Queequeg’s whaling spear. That is a spear (10 damage). This is a large, deck-mounted launcher from a modern whaling ship. The launched harpoon has an explosive warhead and a rope connecting to the launcher. A successful hit on any target restrains it. The target must make its attack against a defense of 13 to get free. If the target is very large (can you say demon?) the explosive charge will go off inside of it. This deals an additional 20 points of damage which ignores all toughness.


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