Ah, the glitz of Hollywood. Home to the stars that entertain us and the mass of wannabe’s who fill roles like “Zombie #1” and “Falling off ledge guy.” Here is a collection of Hollywood’s finest.

Orc Extras (8/13/5)

A mass of scary looking monsters, with scars, lesions, boils and deformities distributed across their latex prosthetic bodies. If they are prepared for trouble, their weapons won’t be the rubber prop kind.

Damage: 5 (rubber prop swords and axes), 10 (real swords and axes)


There are many people in the secret war who can blow things up in a big way. The pyrotechnician specialized in blowing them up just enough. There is good money making small explosions look big for Hollywood. There’s even better money in side jobs for anybody who needs something to have less of a presence in the world.


Weapons: Colt King Cobra (11/3/5), C4 bombs (as grenade)
Skills: Sabotage 17, Intrusion 13
Foe Schticks: Explosive Vest
The Best Laid Plans: If the pyrotechnician has time to prepare a building, he can lace it with explosives. During a subsequent fight he can make a single attack using his Sabotage skill against all opponents. Base damage for this attack is 18 as explosions rock the building collapses around the attackers. At the GM’s discretion, non-building locations can be similarly prepared.


Gladly trading her beauty and talent for the money and influence offered by the Lodge, the starlet is no pushover. She will to fight to keep her position in society. However, redemption may not be out of the question.


Weapons: Walther PPK (9/1/5)
Skills: Seduction 15, Deceit 15
Foe Schticks: Copy Cat


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