This week’s theme is Action! We are exploring the fun that could be had by incorporating the movie industry into your campaign. Action! Week has brought fight scenes on a sound stage and movie industry NPC’s. So we will wrap up the week with the Guns of Hollywood. What does that mean? These are the crazy, impractical, but still awesome weapons that Hollywood dreams up for action movies.

M134 Minigun, Handheld (13**/7/3)

The M134 is a real thing. Its six barrels fire 7.62mm ammunition at up to 6,000 rounds per minutes. The weight of the gun (85 pounds), batteries and ammunition mean that this weapon must be mounted on a vehicle. And the military mounts them on helicopters, boats and Hummers. The handheld model from Predator and Terminator 2 are pure Hollywood imagination.

Like lots of big guns in action movies, the M134 isn’t more effective than other machine guns, it just looks awesome. If you want to make it special, it requires the schticks Strong or Very Strong to wield, and gives the wielder a level in Carnival of Carnage. Level IV is still the highest though.

M134 Minigun

Codpiece Revolver

Codpiece Revolver (9/1/5)

Originally made as a gag prop for Desperado, Robert Rodriguez thought it was funny enough to use in at least two other films.

EM-1 Rail Gun (13/5/3)

Firing “aluminum rounds at close to the speed of light,” the EM-1, from Eraser (if you haven’t seen it, don’t bother) is complete BS. Its X-Ray scope is BS. The movie is total BS, so maybe that is to be expected. However, the EM-1 makes a good skin for a “futuristic sniper rifle” that might be in the hands of the Jammers, NSA or Buro remnants.

EM-1 Railgun


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