It is Mook Monday during Vile Sorcery week. That can only mean one thing: demons! Here 4 terrible demons, inspired by a few classic Shadowfist cards. There are only 2 posts left before the end of the Feng Shui Kickstarter. Check back Wednesday for a collection of sorcerous weapons, and Friday for our capstone Feng Shui site of this series.


Mosquito Demons (8/13/5)

Travelling in swarms these demons look like chocked sized mosquitos, swollen with mauve colored fluid, and large claws for grabbing their victims for a bite. When somebody kills one of these demons they explode in a gross, mass of goo. If a hero kills one of these demons at close range, as determined by the GM, that hero must make a Fortune check with a difficulty of 4 or be affected by the Fowl Spew creature schtick.

Damage: Proboscis(6)

Bloody Horde (8/13/5)

Members of the horde appear human, except for their total lack of skin. This allows you to see their well defined musculature.

Damage: Spiked Club(10)

Named Foes

Abysmal Absorber

The Abysmal Absorber looks like a giant dog with no head but 6 eyes on its body. Oh yeah, and 6 tentacles that end in sucking lamprey like mouths.

Creature PowerDefenseToughnessSpeed

Weapons: Lamprey mouth tentacle (9)
Creature Schticks: Blood Drain
Soul Absorbtion: Any time the Abysmal Absorber inflicts a Mark of Death on a hero, the absorber regains 5 wound points for every Mark of Death the hero now has (5 on the first mark, 10 on the second, etc.).

Two Hundred Knives of Pain

Some supernatural creatures are schooled in the Hell of Piercing, this demon is its headmaster. Two-hundred razor sharp spines protrude from the green skin of his arms, tail and head. The cuts they leave are numerous and painful. When attacking, THKP uses his speed and skillful attacks to leap in and destroy an opponent before they can attack him in return.

Creature PowersDefenseToughnessSpeed

Weapons: Spines(11)
Creature Schticks: Natural Weapon, Schooled in the Hell of Piercing
Foe Schticks: Don’t Turn Your Back


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