So, yesterday brought some exciting news. The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter passed $163,000 and funded the Mook Attack Sheet Generator. That will allow me to take the tool you can find on this site, awesome it up, and give it a permanent home on the Atlas Games website. The new version will incorporate the brilliant graphic styling of the new edition, changing some of the code to work on it own. It might also have a new feature or two, we will see what the Atlas team thinks. I am proud to be able support, even in this small way, the return of a great game.

Once the Kickstarter ends, later tonight, I will keep updating, though on a less frequent basis. It has been a challenge to maintain a 3 day a week publishing schedule for the whole month. I also have content for other games I want to publish.

Enough lamenting the end of the Kickstarter and the 9 months of waiting that is before us. Today, I present one of my favorite locations in the Chi War. The Rust Garden.\

The Rust Garden

Rust Garden


Nobody knows how long ago the Netherworld began. The Chi War has rewritten History countless times, many junctures are no longer remembered by anybody still alive. However, humans are always shedding the detritus of their lives. Much of that waste seems to end up in one place in the Netherworld: the Rust Garden.

The Rust Garden appears as vast junk yard, rusting away. From the top of any gigantic mound of metal the edges of the garden appear distant and indistinct. While you can find anything in the Rust Garden, without an attuned guide, it might take you days, weeks or more to find it.

Back in the first edition days, the Rust Garden was the home and playground of one of the Dragon’s key mentors, the Prof. In the intervening years, she seems to have disappeared without a trace, but the Garden continues on. Whether you are looking for something, or just passing through, travel cautiously and don’t forget your tetanus boosters.

Cool Things That Can Happen

  • Almost anything might be found and used as an improvised weapon
  • Instead of picking up your improvised weapon, pick your opponent and drop him on something sharp and rusty
  • Multiple mooks might get taken out by a collapsing pile of junk
  • Bad guys might hide inside rusty cars for an ambush
  • Two words: Strong magnets
  • Two more words: Netherworld vermin
  • Somebody might accidentally turn on an old robot. He’s not happy about being all rusty and nasty.
  • Ewww, what was that?
  • The Sylvan Master (see the indicatory adventure in the core rulebook), starts talking from some random piece of computer equipment.

Special Powers

The Rust Garden is peculiar in that only a single person can be attuned to it at any time. In order to attune the site you must spend at least a week clearing a space and building your a special workshop just for you. An attuned character gets +2 to all Fit-It rolls. This increases to +3 while in the junkyard and +4 while in your special workshop.

In Your Campaign

The Obvious

You can find almost anything in the Rust Garden and the heroes need a MacGuffin. While searching through the Rust Garden, they encounter Simian Army scroungers, non-simian scroungers, some Netherworld thug hiding a body, and their arch-rivals bent on finding the same MacGuffin.

The Unlikely

After learning of the prof the new Dragons travel to the Rust Garden looking for her workshop, hoping to find information or weapons they can use in the Chi War. It is hidden under a large pile of junk, but the heroes can find it. Inside, they find a clue that the Prof is still alive, and in need of their help.

The Outlandish

While wandering the Rust Garden a character finds a treasured toy they lost as a child. Next to the toy is a single bag of garbage from their home as a child. Rummaging through that bag of trash, they find papers and photos that reveal


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