I’m picky about what Kickstarters I decide to back. Initially, the Reaper Bones Kickstarter didn’t interest me. There weren’t enough mini’s I wanted for the price, and risk, of backing early. However, by the second week it had shot past being a good deal to WTF could I do with all of those miniatures?

My good friend, and college roommate, Matt felt the same way. I suggested buying into the Kickstarter together and splitting the minis. We would spread them out on a table and take turns selecting one. I joked “it will be good to finally get to decide who gets picked last.” My friend readily agreed, and we pledged for the large Vampire Box and extras like Mind You Manors and the Spider Centaurs for our draft. Additionally, we each got a few things, such as Keladrax and the giants, for ourselves as well.

While we waited anxiously for our miniatures to arrive, we talked trash and strategized. You see, I didn’t want to start by picking the minis I wanted most. Matt wasn’t likely to be interested in the Sci Fi minis. So, I wanted to snag some of the great fantasy ones that we were both interested in. Otherwise all I would get stuck with the dregs. Matt’s adopted a more aggressive strategy. He went for a few that he didn’t want, but I did, to use as hostages trading fodder.

When draft day finally arrived there was so much anticipation that another friend of ours flew in from Canada to hang out for the weekend and watch the draft. Matt won the die roll for first pick — selecting the male storm giant. Without hesitating, I drafted the female spider demon (Lolth) and we were off.

As you can observe from the photos, below, things moved slowly. There were moments of excitement and disappointment, and many of the choices were agonizing. But the fun kind of agony. Like a tense board game when you are planning a come back. Each choice matters during the game, and at the end everybody walks away laughing.

The larger monsters went early, then the better character figures. After the first hour we couldn’t see much progress. The pace quickened from there, and we conscripted the bulk of the miniatures during the second hour. I managed to get most of the Sci Fi miniatures for an upcoming Traveller game, while my friend gathered more monsters and fantasy characters. By the end of the third hour, we were clearly down to the least desirable minis. Some townsfolk, dungeon dressing, Astrid the anachronistic bard, and some goblins were all that remained. Twenty minutes later, only a single miniature remained — the swarm of bats.

Looking back on it, the draft really enhanced Bones Kickstarter for me. Sure, I liked getting a good deal and I’m having fun painting them. But spending a long afternoon with friends; playing a game of selecting miniatures was really the highlight.

We are looking forward to Reaper Bones II and hoping for another draft day in 2014. Comment below with your favorite part of the Kickstarter experience, or if you think you might try a draft next time.


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