Welcome to Weapon Wednesday, because alliteration is always awesome. No? Well how about because the Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter goes live today! I want to start my series of blog entries with something you can easily use in the introductory adventure, and these certainly fit the bill. Enjoy.

Light Machine Guns

Big brothers to assault rifles, these are the weapons to pick when concealment isn’t an issue and you don’t want to waste time reloading. Because this is Feng Shui, these weapons are great against mooks, but not really more effective than assault rifles against named characters. All of these guns are capable of full automatic fire, and like rifles get bonuses to attack mooks as indicated by the number of *’s after the damage value.

M-249 SAW 13*/6/0

This light machine gun is so good at cutting mooks down they called it a SAW. I put this bad boy into the hands of the main boss when I ran the introductory Feng Shui 2 adventure. Be sure to describe the awesomeness of the ammo belt looping around over his shoulders. There’s plenty of hot lead to go around…

M-249 SAW

M-60 13**/7/0

While it doesn’t have a cool name, the M-60 as been a staple of American action movies since the early ’80s. They are rarer in Hong Kong movies, but you can see one in the weapon cache in Hard Boiled. Characters, good or bad, with European ties might use the H-K21, which has the same stats.

M-60 HK-21

RPK 13**/7/1

The AK-47 of light machine guns; cheap, functional, and relatively easy to get ahold of. While the large magazine looks impressive, nothing compares to 200 rounds on a belt of bullets slung over your shoulder.



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