Fun Mooks for the New Edition of Feng Shui

Here are some new Game Master Characters (GMCs) for your Feng Shui 2 game. Despite the title, Mook Monday is not just mooks. We will cover a variety of featured foes and bosses as well. In keeping with this week’s urban jungle theme, we have some urban trouble makers to challenge your players.

Mook Monday: Urban Jungle

A burnt out car from the urban jungle



Feng Shui 2 Cover

Oh no, the local sportsball team lost. Or these days, maybe the team won. Perhaps the crowd was just manipulated by propaganda or foul sorcery. In any case, the streets are filled with drunken rioters who will probably feel ashamed of their behavior in the morning. The characters will want to use discretion and non-lethal force against these guys, as they go after the bad guys who started the riot in the first place. Because they are drunk and not warriors, these nooks have a lower defense than normal.
Damage: 8 (stick), 7 (punch)


These guys don’t want you poking your noses into other people’s cargo.
Damage: 9 (assorted, heavy, blunt objects)


These guys don’t want you poking your noses into other peoples cargo.
Damage: 9 (assorted, heavy, blunt objects)


As a professional in the illicit acquisitions industry, the thief might be a friend, or opponent of the characters. Or both. She doesn’t do wet work, and prefers to avoid confrontation if at all possible. In the world of Feng Shui that is rarely possible.


Weapons: Sig-Sauer P230 (9/1/4)
Skills: Intrusion 14


This hood seemed destined to be a nobody until a strange man taught him a little magic. Every once in a while the strange man’s friends request a favor, but that’s stuff the hood would do anyway. Right?


Weapons: Blast (10), Colt King Cobra (11/3/5)
Bonus Schticks: Magnetic blast, Exemplary prostrations


29 September, 2014

Arrgh, Matey…

It’s Mook Monday again and this week’s theme is beach front battles. So, what sort of ocean bad guys spring to mind? Pirates, of course. Because of the power of Chi, we have both undead historical pirates and not dead yet modern ones. And sharks. Don’t forget the sharks.



Maybe they only look skeletal under the light of the moon, or maybe they are always skeletal. In any case, these nooks crew ghostly pirate ships and protect long buried treasure.

Damage: 9 (cutlass, knives, boat hooks, etc.)


These guys are never skeletal and carry AK-47’s instead of cutlasses. If the characters have vehicles, then you might want to give a couple of these guys RPGs as well.

Damage: 13 (AK-47)


In real life, these sharks are probably too small to bother with people. In Feng Shui 2, a group of them might go into a blood frenzy when somebody gets too far into the water.

Damage: 10 (bite)


Leading a band of modern pirate nooks, the boss captains a small, high-speed boat. While he gets a bigger share of any loot that his nooks, he still passes most of his gains up to this boss. Organized crime is the same world over. Even though he is in charge of his boat, he doesn’t have any actual leadership skills. That is what Intimidate is for.


Weapons: UZI (10) or Amsel Striker (13), knife (8)
Vehicle: Powerboat (7/6/6)
Skills: Drive 13, Intimidate 11
Driving Schticks: Pedal to the Metal, Ram Speed I

Great White Shark: An unusual GMC for Feng Shui

If the bad guy has a lair on or near the ocean, there are probably a couple of big sharks hanging around. A steady diet of failed minions will do that. They might also be trolling around pirate-infested waters, tropical lagoons or any beach front location that might otherwise be too boring.


Weapons: Teeth (13)
Creature Schticks: Natural Weapon, Steel Hide



Undead pirate hordes need a captain. This captain will most likely be found on his ghost ship, which is more location than vehicle.


Weapons: Cutlass (9), Several black powder pistols (7/3/6)
Skills: Guns 15, Leadership 14, Intimidation 13
Resistances: Will 10
Creature Schticks: Regeneration 1
Foe Schticks: Ablative Lackey, Auto Re-Arm, Back to the Wall, Furious Wrath


A pyrotechnical: see if you can keep up.

06 October, 2014

Ah, the glitz of Hollywood. Home to the stars that entertain us and the mass of wannabes who fill roles like “Zombie #1” and “Falling off ledge guy.” Here is a collection of Hollywood’s finest.

ORC EXTRAS (8/13/5)

A mass of scary looking monsters, with scars, lesions, boils and deformities distributed across their latex prosthetic bodies. If they are prepared for trouble, their weapons won’t be the rubber prop kind.

Damage: 5 (rubber prop swords and axes), 10 (real swords and axes)


There are many people in the secret war who can blow things up in a big way. The pyrotechnician specialized in blowing them up just enough. There is good money making small explosions look big for Hollywood. There’s even better money in side jobs for anybody who needs something to have less of a presence in the world. 


Weapons: Colt King Cobra (11/3/5), C4 bombs (as grenade)
Skills: Sabotage 17, Intrusion 13
Foe Schticks: Explosive Vest 
The Best Laid Plans: If the pyrotechnician has time to prepare a building, he can lace it with explosives. During a subsequent fight, he can make a single attack using his Sabotage skill against all opponents. Base damage for this attack is 18 as explosions rock the building collapses around the attackers. At the GM’s discretion, non-building locations can be similarly prepared.


Gladly trading her beauty and talent for the money and influence offered by the Lodge, the starlet is no pushover. She will to fight to keep her position in society. However, redemption may not be out of the question.


Weapons: Walther PPK (9/1/5)
Skills: Seduction 15, Deceit 15
Foe Schticks: Copy Cat


13 October, 2014

Some Demon GMCs for Feng Shui

It is Mook Monday during Vile Sorcery week. That can only mean one thing: demons! Here are 4 terrible demons, inspired by a few classic Shadowfist cards. There are only 2 posts left before the end of the Feng Shui Kickstarter. Check back Wednesday for a collection of sorcerous weapons, and Friday for our capstone Feng Shui site of this series.



Feng Shui 2 Cover
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Travelling in swarms, these demons look like chocked sized mosquitos, swollen with mauve colored fluid, and large claws for grabbing their victims for a bite. When somebody kills one of these demons, they explode in a gross mass of goo. If a hero kills one of these demons at close range, as determined by the GM, that hero must make a Fortune check with a difficulty of 4 or be affected by the Fowl Spew creature schtick.

Damage: Proboscis(6)


Members of the horde appear human, except for their total lack of skin. This allows you to see their well-defined musculature.

Damage: Spiked Club(10)



The Abysmal Absorber looks like a giant dog with no head but 6 eyes on its body. Oh yeah, and 6 tentacles that end in sucking lamprey like mouths.

Creature PowerDefenseToughnessSpeed

Weapons: Lamprey mouth tentacle (9)
Creature Schticks: Blood Drain
Soul Absorption: Any time the Abysmal Absorber inflicts a Mark of Death on a hero, the absorber regains 5 wound points for every Mark of Death the hero now has (5 on the first mark, 10 on the second, etc.).


Some supernatural creatures are schooled in the Hell of Piercing. This demon is its headmaster. Two-hundred razor sharp spines protrude from the green skin of his arms, tail and head. The cuts they leave are numerous and painful. When attacking, THKP uses his speed and skillful attacks to leap in and destroy an opponent before they can attack him in return.

Creature PowersDefenseToughnessSpeed

Weapons: Spines(11)
Creature Schticks: Natural Weapon, Schooled in the Hell of Piercing
Foe Schticks: Don’t Turn Your Back

Feng Shui Sites for the New Edition

The Urban Jungle

Welcome to the jungle
We take it day by day
If you want its you’re gonna bleed
But it’s the price you pay

Guns N’ Roses

The urban jungle. That’s the theme of my Feng Shui 2 blog posts over the next week. The crowded streets of Hong Kong are the default setting for Feng Shui; but the Chi War might play out in Tokyo, New York, London, or San Francisco. Any large metropolitan area has lots of people, and they’re Chi, making them vital in the Secret War. I’ve got a few articles from the mean streets of the world to share with you over the next week. Opening the series are two Feng Shui sites — the City Park and the Night Market.

The City Park Feng Shui Site

City Park


Feng Shui 2 Cover
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Most communities have a park of some kind. In a small town, like mine, it might be a simple lawn with a bandstand. In a large city, the park might be huge. Central Park, in New York, is 843 acres. Of course, most parks have benches, walkways and a monument or two. Large ones might also have water features, playgrounds, food carts, or anything else expressing the values of the local community.

A park is often the hub of a community. In a happy, prosperous community, everybody might be attuned to the park and not even know it. Cities with a strong or corrupt government might have a tighter control of the chi flow through the park and keep its benefits for themselves.

Cool Things that Can Happen

If you think about a park as a big lawn, it might seem like a boring place for a fight. But, look closer and you will find lots of possibilities.

  • Acrobatics on the playground equipment
  • A large, heavy character steps on the see-saw and sends a nook flying
  • Somebody gets slammed into a lamp pole
  • A park bench becomes an improvised weapon
  • The hot dog cart has steaming hot water and condiments
  • Somebody gets impaled on the sword or bayonet held by the status of that famous guy
  • Or that spiky bit on that modern sculpture nobody actually likes
  • Somebody gets thrown into a pond
  • The swans in that pond, they are mean. All swans are mean.
  • If the park is crowded, innocent bystanders might get used as hostages
  • Not just any bystanders, a couple is getting their wedding photos taken
  • Also, that old guy, practicing T’ai Chi, don’t mess with him

Special Powers

The chi flow of city park is both subtle and generous. While control of its chi does not grant any special powers, being a member of the community that controls the park grants the benefits of attunement. No special ritual is necessary.

In Your Campaign

When using the city park in your campaign, focus on its role as the central hub in a community.

A small city has seen a revitalization in recent years, after renovating its central square. New grass, flowers, a playground seemed to lift the community’s spirits. New business have come into town, schools are doing better, in short things are better than they have been since the mills closed decades ago.

As if sensing the new prosperity, a group of thugs has come looking for a new place to sell their drugs. Perhaps one of the factions sent them to capture the park’s chi; or perhaps they are not aware they are capitalizing on an auspicious site.

In either case, somebody connected with one of the PC’s melodramatic hooks, comes to them looking for help, restoring order to the community.

The Unlikely

Somebody the PC’s care about disappeared in the city park. Investigation shows that there have been several other disappearances in recent weeks. Turns out a group of vile sorcerers has been feeding people to the demon that is hiding in the bottom of the Koi pond. With each meal it grows stronger, taking more of the park’s chi for itself. Somebody has to come and kick this thing’s ass back to the hell from which it came. I wonder who that could be?

The Outlandish

The city park is all decked out to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the city’s founding. Everything seems to be going well until strange people in antique clothes show up. It is clear they are mad about something.

Turns out that a portal to a pop-up juncture, 100 years ago, has opened up somewhere in the park. The citi’s founding fathers wronged these people somehow, and they aren’t coming through to negotiate. Meanwhile, other enemies of the park’s controllers may be trying to go back through the portal to stop the city, or at least the park, from ever being founded.

Night Market


The frenetic energy of the night market is palpable, even for those unaware of chi. When the sun sets, normal daytime thoroughfares become bustling bazaars. Stalls emerge from nowhere, with vendors selling xiaochi, snack foods, drinks, produce and manufactured goods of all kinds. Bright lights and banners try to attract attention, but end up just creating more chaos and noise.

Cool Things That Can Happen

The Night Market Feng Shui Site
  • Advertising banners hang from everywhere. They can be torn down and used to entangle opponents, or obscure vision
  • Strings of electric lights are, well, electric
  • Two words: hot noodles
  • A merchant is selling boot leg martial arts DVDs. The covers might inspire mooks to feats of foolish bravado
  • Crowds get in the way during a chase
  • Are those fried scorpions on a stick?
  • Of course, they were fried in hot oil
  • The loud TV outside the discount electronics shop will be much quieter after being broken over somebody’s head
  • Down that street. Hardware, children’s wear, ladies’ lingerie
  • A number of stalls sell fruits which become messy improvised weapons
  • Not only is the scrappy kid familiar with the market well, she fits under most of the carts and booths
  • One stall sells plastic martial arts weapons. You know, for the tourists

Special Powers

The Chi of the night market is powerful, but hard to tame. It is difficult to control such a large area with so many independent businesses. Even local gangs have competition in the area. However, attuning to the market is worth it. Everybody attuned has their wealth level increased by one level. If they are already rich, then they are even richer — whatever that means in your campaign.

Once attuned, losing that attunement hurts. If you lose control, then you lose a level of wealth, in addition to the one you gained with initially. If you were already poor, now you are really destitute. Once you attune to a new site, your wealth level will revert to normal.

In Your Campaign

The Obvious

There is no better spot to meet someone in a public, but an anonymous place. The night market is also excellent for evading pursuit. Finally, you can buy just about anything you need here.

The Unlikely

The lodge offers to let the PC’s attune to the night market in exchange for a “small” favor. Maybe they are sincere, but probably not. More likely, the lodge will do something to break their attunement then kick the characters hard when they are down.

The players are likely to see this coming, but can they capitalize on the opportunity without being destroyed?

The Outlandish

Li Ting, the King of the Fire Pagoda, is trying to establish a night market in the Netherworld. He is hoping to gain control over illicit trade between junctures for both power and profit. Of course his siblings won’t approve, but how do the other factions feel? There are pros and cons to centralizing trade in one area. It might make some things easier, and there is big profit if you can get a cut.

The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter is going gangbusters. We, the fans, have unlocked all the archetypes and the second pop-up juncture is coming soon. Related to this post, Atlas Games announced the Fistfull of Fight Scenes expansion. Seven cool set pieces for your adventures, with tips for fighting in them and plot hooks for your campaign. While creating a set piece in Feng Shui is pretty easy, having examples for inspiration is always helpful. I hope this week’s location inspires something awesome in your game.

Beach Front Battles

Beach Front Battles is the theme for the week. On Mook Monday, we’ll have some undead pirates and sharks to defend the beach. Wednesday will wrap up the week with three awesome water-related weapons your characters can use to storm the beaches. But now we’ll kick the week off with a feng shui site inspired by a classic Shadowfist card.

Surfs up!

The Turtle Beach Feng Shui Site



Deep orange light reflects off the fine sand as the sun sets against the ocean’s distant horizon. The gentle lapping of the surf and the distant cry of a seagull are all that you can hear. The day fades to darkness as you settle into the tall grasses covering the dune. Turning on your night vision, you peer out into the darkness. Slow, lumbering shapes crawl out of the ocean and work their way up the sand. Flippers made for swimming work to push aside the sand, making a hole large enough for a hundred eggs. Turning your gaze out to sea, you see two boats making their way towards the shore. As usual, the New Simian Army’s timing couldn’t be worse.

Sea turtles are found in tropical waters all over the world, including the hotly contested South China Sea. Sea turtles are cute and lovable. You don’t want them to become victims of the Chi War.


  • The Ex-Special Forces member should rise out of the ocean firing the biggest gun he can find
  • The immunity bonus for soft sand or water is +2
  • Sand will get thrown in somebody’s face
  • Salt water must hurt when it gets into wounds
  • Dune buggies vs. jet skis
  • Coconuts can be thrown or broken over somebody’s head for 8 damage
  • SCUBA tanks can also be used as improvised weapons for 9 damage
  • There are sharks waiting for somebody to get into the water (come back Monday for shark stats)
  • A bad guy might try to use a turtle as a shield. He should be punished for this
  • If stunned at the wrong time, a mook might get washed out to sea by a large wave
  • An outboard motor, with a spinning propeller, can get torn off the back of a boat and used as a weapon
  • WWII era bunkers, crumbling with age and neglect, might provide cover or access to rusty, old junk


Feng Shui 2 Cover
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Attuning with Turtle Beach is, in a sense, making a pact with the turtles. In their limited way, they hope that you will protect them and the beach. In return, their chi will help protect you. When this relationship is in balance, both sides prosper.

When the characters attune to Turtle beach, they get eight Marks of Death (shared between all of them). Each of these Marks of Death can be used to cancel a Mark of Death inflicted on any attuned character. If all eight Marks of Death are ever used, the last turtle dies and the Chi of the beach dissipates. If the characters lose attunement to the beach, they have shown that they cannot protect the turtles’ chi and they will not be able to attune to it again.


The turtles are meant to tug at your players’ heart strings. Turtle Beach will be more fun if you can get your players to care and fret over using the turtles to save themselves. Somebody should die dramatically because they took that last Mark of Death themselves rather than destroy the beach.


Somebody connected with one of the characters is a scientist, park ranger or concerned citizen. She needs help to protect the beach from those who want to exploit or destroy it. The Lodge might want to build a luxury resort on the beach to channel Chi into something they can control. Any of the other factions might want its power for themselves, or to kill it off to prevent others from having it.


In a period of escalating tensions, a group of Taiwanese college students who were helping with sea turtle research has gone missing. Taiwan blames China, while China claims this shows that Taiwan is incapable of protecting its own people. Meanwhile, the Dragons sense that something is amiss. Can they follow the clues from the beach to the real culprit and avert war in Southeast Asia?


In 1850, a transformed turtle betrayed the Ascended and took up a life of piracy in the South China Sea. Rumor has it that he became quite wealthy, trading the secrets and spoils of the Chi War with anyone who could pay. Until, one day, a Lotus sorcerer double crossed him, forcing him to revert into turtle form.

The pirate kept the map to his treasure tattooed on his chest. After he fell into the sea, there was no way to find his treasure, or the secrets he kept. Until a video turned up on the internet of a large, old turtle with strange markings on its shell. Strange markings that look like a map? Now the race is on to see which faction can find the turtle first.


03 October, 2014

The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter is more than half-done, and things are going very well. I swear I thought of this week’s theme before Robin’s Blowing Up The Movies stretch goal was announced. I’m super excited that it just funded. Here’s hoping the stretch goals just keep getting better and better.

We are going a little meta this week and exploring incorporating the filming of an action movie into your Feng Shui adventure. Not in the silly “the characters know they are in a movie” sense. The rules, rightly, warn us away from that. Instead, what if part of your adventure takes place on a movie set? The action and the stunts become real and deadly.

For the Feng Shui Site Friday opener to Action! Week, we present the sound stage. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Sound Stage



You’re thinking that your role as “Karate Student #3” in this picture isn’t worth the money. There is so much boring standing around in the making of a movie. Leaning against a totem pole, you notice a new guy manning the prop table, and some extras you don’t remember from yesterday. You see, the prop guy hand one of the extras a sword from a box off to one side. It looks heavier than your rubber sword. Something’s up…

Wary now, you stand on your mark to start the scene. As the beautiful and talented Johanna Scarlettson moves into position, you realize she’s the target. As the director calls “Action!” you spring into it.

The sound stage is a large, open warehouse like building that is acoustically isolated from the outside world. Inside whole worlds come to life as sets and props are built for specific movies.


The best thing about a sound stage is that inside can be any setting you want. From space opera battle cruisers, to an old west saloon, to a Roman colosseum. The cool things below focus on stuff with movie making equipment that can happen in any sound stage. You will want to add your own layer of cool things based on what is being filmed when your adventure takes place.

  • Bad guys, maybe even a sniper, will try to shoot from the catwalks above the stage
  • Somebody can fall off the catwalk onto a pointy piece of scenery, or get strangled in a lighting cable.
  • A hot stage light will get smashed over somebody’s head.
  • If the studio is old school, a camera can fly open, tangling somebody in the film
  • Somebody might swing around on a camera boom, or ride on a camera track
  • There is a food service table
  • Real weapons might get mixed up with the prop weapons
  • Mooks might be disguised as extras in strange or humorous costumes
  • There are wind fans, rain makers and smoke machines that can get used to go effect
  • A named foe, who is a movie star, might get hit with a chair that has his name on it
  • A light diffuser screen will get smashed over somebody’s head
  • There are lots of wires around that might get used as lasso’s, trip lines or garrets
  • Two words: Gaffers Tape
  • There are lots of green screens these days. Somebody might get thrown through one, or it could get pulled over by a bunch of mooks
  • The fight might get caught on camera, which might become a clue later


I can’t explain why, but the sound stage doesn’t feel like a feng shui site to me. It is a great set piece, but it just doesn’t seem chi-full to me. However, if you want it to be a feng shui site with special powers, then it is sensible the site would enhance communication somehow. Perhaps it gives +2 to social skills like deceit, intimidation, seduction, and leadership to everybody who is attuned to the site.



The Lodge has full control of most major centers of film production in the world: Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong. It uses this control to produce films that influence public perceptions and attitudes. A popular starlet is a dedicated member of the Lodge. Until one of her enemies planted evidence, she intends to betray the Lodge. Now the Lodge plans to kill her and make it look like an accident.

With their martial arts skills, the characters hired on as extras. Not knowing the starlet is a lodge member, they, of course, intervene and stop the assassination attempt. Perhaps, as the characters work through the adventure to protect and save her. Will she come around to the side of righteousness? Or will she betray them to increase her own status with the Lodge?


The C-Bomb didn’t kill everybody associated with the Buro. A Buro media exec was one of the more unlikely survivors. He has made his way to the modern juncture and back into the only industry he ever knew. He has brought some special equipment with him, and now he is using that equipment to film special commercials and music videos.

The special equipment allows for the insertion of subliminal messages and even commands into this content. These messages are much more subtle and harder to detect than clumsy, modern Lodge attempts to do the same. At the moment, the media exec is just using this for his own personal gain. However, his former comrades are sure to find out and they will want to use this to rebuild here in the modern juncture.


The small Pacific nation of New Zealand has some of the most beautiful terrain. Terrain rich in feng shui sites, that channel chi to a bountiful and happy nation. The Lotus sees this island as a potential beach head into the modern juncture. It is lightly guarded, remote and easy to protect, yet still close enough to threaten and influence the Ascended strongholds in Asia.

The Lotus created a brilliant plan to take control of the islands. They will start a small but well-funded movie studio to produce a trilogy of blockbuster fantasy movies. These movies give cover to move in hordes of sword wielding mooks, smiths and other historic craftsmen to support them. Monsters and magic can be explained away as special effects.

Filming will occur all over the islands, allowing access to the feng shui sites. Gradually, over the course of the decade long project, the chi of the islands will flow through the film studio to the islands’ new eunuch masters. Unless somebody figures out what is going on.


10 October, 2014

This is an exciting week for the Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter. It is the last week, and that means two things. The final mad rush is about to begin, and the best stretch goals are about to come out. I believe the Kickstarter will break $200k, maybe even $250k. The chi seems to be flowing in the right direction. Let’s do what we can to make it happen.

Speaking of flowing chi, the theme for my posts during this final week is Vile Sorcery. We are looking at all things magical, including the Lotus, as they struggle to find a foothold in their new juncture. For Feng Shui Site Friday, I present the Ancestral Tomb.

The Ancestral Tomb Feng Shui Site



The old man said that the tomb covered an area the size of a small city. You can’t understand how all of that could be underground now. However, you have no doubt that the spooky hole opening before you is the right place. You snap a chemical light stick and descend into the darkness.

When the 69AD juncture closed, the Lotus found themselves forced to relocate into the 7th century. One of the first orders of business was to find the tombs of those left behind, now long dead. In these tombs, they hoped to find magic and relics to aid them in this more hostile juncture. A rare few of these tombs were feng shui sites themselves, providing an early source of chi power. Several key tombs remain lost, including Gao Zhang’s, so the hunt continues.

To be fair, the tomb depicted here is more of an emperor’s tomb than a family mausoleum. The Tomb of the First Qin Emperor is the archetype of tombs from pulp stories. Its designers laid the necropolis out like a miniature version of his capital city. “Miniature” is a relative term, as the tomb is 1 1/4 miles in diameter. Period accounts of its construction claim it had crossbow traps and pools of mercury simulated the rivers that ran through the capital city. The legendary terra cotta warriors occupied part of the city. After the Emperor’s funeral, workers buried the whole thing under a 250 foot high mound of earth to look like a hill.

To date, archeologists have not excavated much of the necropolis. Even if the political and cultural issues could be resolved, high levels of mercury in the soil would make excavation of the tomb proper very dangerous.


  • If the parties are trying to acquire a fragile object, it might get damaged in the fight. Any time a named character misses an attack roll, they must make a fortune check against a difficulty of 5 to avoid jeopardizing the item. If they fail that roll, they should describe what happens that puts the item at risk. The next named character to go, must do something to save the item or it will break.
  • The terra cotta soldiers (mooks) guarding the tomb come to life and attack
  • Ceramic pots will break over somebody’s head, or get thrown as improvised weapons
  • The stone sarcophagus makes good cover
  • Until it is blown or knocked open, then somebody gets knocked into it and gets tangled in the remains
  • Somebody who is very strong can use the lid as an improvised weapon
  • There are death traps that might be triggered during the fight
  • Mercury from a pool or river can be thrown at an enemy doing damage as a strong poison
  • If somebody gets pushed into the mercury fountain, it acts as if they had ingested an extremely toxic poison
  • Ancient weapons on racks can get picked up and used


The Ancestral Tomb channels the chi of deceased allies to the living. Every character who is attuned to the tomb gets 2 extra wound points for every player character who has died since the start of the current campaign. Characters who die after attunement do not add to this amount. GMs might want to change the awarded wound points depending on how many characters have died and how many extra wound points they want their PCs to have.



A powerful magic artifact was sealed away in an ancient tomb. The Dragons are racing against other factions to recover the item first. Once the item is recovered, the characters can attune to the site to get some extra wound points as the bad guys try to claim the MacGuffin for themselves.


One of the characters discovers that they are descended from an ancient leader. When he finds the tomb and explores it, he encounters the ghost of this lost ancestor. The ancestor has unfinished business, and the character can pick up a melodramatic hook to finish their ancestors’ task. As an alternative, the ghost might become an NPC mentor to the party, or even another player character if somebody wants to play it.


Ming I has discovered or created a zombie virus, and has infected a town in rural China. Her goal is to create an army of the dead she can use to restore herself to power. The Chinese military tried to intervene, but casualties of the living add to the army of the dead. She seems unstoppable.

With no other recourse, the player characters venture into the tomb of an ancient Chinese emperor. If they find a way to activate its army of terra cotta warriors, they will have a force capable of fighting the zombies.

If you want to go wild, this adventure idea can be combined with the two above it. The emperor could be the distant ancestor, and the artifact the item needed to activate the army.


17 October, 2014

So, yesterday brought some exciting news. The Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter passed $163,000 and funded the Mook Attack Sheet Generator. That will allow me to take the tool you can find on this site, awesome it up, and give it a permanent home on the Atlas Games website. The new version will incorporate the brilliant graphic styling of the new edition, changing some of the code to work on its own. It might also have a new feature or two. We will see what the Atlas team thinks. I am proud to be able to support, even in this small way, the return of a great game.

Once the Kickstarter ends, later tonight, I will keep updating, though on a less frequent basis. It has been a challenge to maintain a 3 day a week publishing schedule for the whole month. I also have content for other games I want to publish.

Enough lamenting the end of the Kickstarter and the 9 months of waiting that are before us. Today, I present one of my favorite locations in the Chi War. The Rust Garden.

The Rust Garden



Feng Shui 2 Cover
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Nobody knows how long ago the Netherworld began. The Chi War has rewritten History countless times. Many junctures are no longer remembered by anybody still alive. However, humans are always shedding the detritus of their lives. Much of that waste seems to end up in one place in the Netherworld: the Rust Garden.

The Rust Garden appears as a vast junk yard, rusting away. From the top of any gigantic mound of metal, the edges of the garden appear distant and indistinct. While you can find anything in the Rust Garden, without an attuned guide, it might take you days, weeks, or more to find it.

Back in the first edition days, the Rust Garden was the home and playground of one of the Dragon’s key mentors, the Prof. In the intervening years, she seems to have disappeared without a trace, but the Garden continues on. Whether you are looking for something, or just passing through, travel cautiously and don’t forget your tetanus boosters.


  • Almost anything might be found and used as an improvised weapon
  • Instead of picking up your improvised weapon, pick your opponent and drop him on something sharp and rusty
  • Multiple mooks might get taken out by a collapsing pile of junk
  • Bad guys might hide inside rusty cars for an ambush
  • Two words: Strong magnets
  • Two more words: Netherworld vermin
  • Somebody might accidentally turn on an old robot. He’s not happy about being all rusty and nasty.
  • Ewww, what was that?
  • The Sylvan Master (see the introductory adventure in the core rulebook), starts talking from some random piece of computer equipment.


The Rust Garden is peculiar in that only a single person can be attuned to it at any time. In order to attune the site you must spend at least a week clearing a space and building your a special workshop just for you. An attuned character gets +2 to all Fit-It rolls. This increases to +3 while in the junkyard and +4 while in your special workshop.



You can find almost anything in the Rust Garden and the heroes need a MacGuffin. While searching through the Rust Garden, they encounter Simian Army scroungers, non-simian scroungers, some Netherworld thug hiding a body, and their arch-rivals bent on finding the same MacGuffin.


After learning of the Prof the new Dragons travel to the Rust Garden looking for her workshop, hoping to find information or weapons they can use in the Chi War. It is hidden under a large pile of junk, but the heroes can find it. Inside, they find a clue that the Prof is still alive, and in need of their help.


While wandering the Rust Garden, a character finds a treasured toy they lost as a child. Next to the toy is a single bag of garbage from their home as a child. Rummaging through that bag of trash, they find papers and photos that reveal. 

New Weapons for Feng Shui 2

During the Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter, I ran a series of blog posts oriented around weekly themes. Each week I had “Mook Monday”, “Weapon Wednesday” and “Feng Shui Site Friday.” The themes included things like “Hollywood” and “Water”. As I relaunch my blog, I’ve decided not to keep the original tiny posts. Instead, I’m grouping them together into three larger ones; “Weapons”, “Mooks”, and “Feng Shui Sites.” Today, we’re going to start with this collection of weapons for Feng Shui 2.

Light Machine Guns

Feng Shui 2 Cover
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Welcome to Weapon Wednesday, because alliteration is always awesome. No? Well how about because the Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter goes live today! I want to start my series of blog entries with something you can easily use in the introductory adventure, and these certainly fit the bill. Enjoy.

M-249 SAW 13*/6/0

This light machine gun is so good at cutting mooks down, they called it a SAW. I put this bad boy into the hands of the main boss when I ran the introductory Feng Shui 2 adventure. Be sure to describe the awesomeness of the ammo belt looping around over his shoulders. There’s plenty of hot lead to go around…

M-249 SAW

M-60 13**/7/0

While it doesn’t have a cool name, the M-60 has been a staple of American action movies since the early ’80s. They are rarer in Hong Kong movies, but you can see one in the weapon cache in Hard Boiled. Characters, good or bad, with European ties might use the HK 21, which has the same stats.

M-60 light machine-gun
HK 21 light machine-gun

RPK 13**/7/1

The AK-47 of light machine guns. The RPK is cheap, functional, and relatively easy to get hold of. While the large magazine looks impressive, nothing compares to 200 rounds on a belt of bullets slung over your shoulder.

An RPK light machine-gun with the bipod extended.

Compact Shotguns

Wrapping up our urban jungle week, we have 3 compact shotguns for mean streets and close quarters of an urban environment.

MAG-7 12/4/5

I don’t know why this little piece of awesome from South Africa doesn’t appear in all the movies. It looks like a fat UZI with a fore-grip that is actually the pump action. Special, shortened 12-gauge ammunition is loaded in a magazine through the handle. This means that the MAG-7 can be reloaded in only 3 shots.

Serbu Super Shorty 13/3/6

Serbu Super Shorty

A concealable pump-action shotgun. So what if it only has 3 shots, when they are 3 12-gauge shots. The less well named Franci PA3 has the same stats. Because of their lower capacity, reloading these shotguns takes 3 shots.

Sawed-off Side-by-side Shotgun 13/3/7

The classic double-barreled shotgun with the stock removed and the barrel cut down to less than the legal 18”. Because it only holds 2 shells, this shotgun can be reloaded in 3 shots.

Three sawed-off shotguns

“Water Guns”

Wrapping up Ocean week, we have three “water guns”. Not the Super Soaker kind, but the kind that can shoot underwater, including a big one to take down aquatic demons.

Friday starts a new week, with an interesting new theme. Come back and check it out!

H&K P11 9/3/5

HK P11 Underwater Pistol

Designed by Heckler & Koch for special forces units. The P11 has 5 chambers which are sealed, allowing the gun to fire while submerged. Relatively rare in the movies, Angelina Jolie used one in the second Tomb Raider movie.

Speargun 10/4/6

The classic underwater weapon, a large rubber band, drives a barbed stick into the target. It is hard to find an underwater action sequence that doesn’t have some of these.

Harpoon 13/ — /6

This is not Queequeg’s whaling spear. That is a spear (10 damage). This is a large, deck-mounted launcher from a modern whaling ship. The launched harpoon has an explosive warhead and a rope connecting to the launcher. A successful hit on any target restrains it. The target must make its attack against a defense of 13 to get free. If the target is very large (can you say demon?) the explosive charge will go off inside of it. This deals an additional 20 points of damage which ignores all toughness.

A whaling harpoon gun.

The Weapons of Hollywood

Arnold firing the minigun in Terminator 2.

This week’s theme is “Action!” We are exploring the fun that could be had by incorporating the movie industry into your campaign. Action! Week has brought fight scenes on a sound stage and movie industry NPC’s. So we will wrap up the week with the Guns of Hollywood. What does that mean? These are the crazy, impractical, but still awesome weapons that Hollywood dreams up for action movies.

M134 Minigun, Handheld (13**/7/3)

The M134 is a real thing. Its six barrels fire 7.62mm ammunition at up to 6,000 rounds per minute. The weight of the gun (85 pounds), batteries and ammunition mean that this weapon must be mounted on a vehicle. And the military mounts them on helicopters, boats and Hummers. The handheld model from Predator and Terminator 2 are pure Hollywood imagination.

Like lots of big guns in action movies, the M134 isn’t more effective than other machine guns, it just looks awesome. If you want to make it special, it requires the schticks Strong or Very Strong to wield, and gives the wielder a level in Carnival of Carnage. Level IV is still the highest, though.

M134 Minigun

Codpiece Revolver 9/1/5

A gag prop

Originally made as a gag prop for Desperado, Robert Rodriguez thought it was funny enough to use in at least two other films.

EM-1 Rail Gun 13/5/3

Firing “aluminum rounds at close to the speed of light,” the EM-1, from Eraser (if you haven’t seen it, don’t bother) is complete BS. Its X-Ray scope is BS. The movie is total BS, so maybe that is to be expected. However, the EM-1 makes a good skin for a “futuristic sniper rifle” that might be in the hands of the Jammers, NSA or Buro remnants.

EM1 Rail Gun

Sorcerous Weapons

Magic weapons should be rare. They should also be awesome. The sorcerous weapons below make good McGuffins for an adventure. However, if a hero is going to use it long term, it should probably cost them a schtick — either one gained through advancement, or replacing one they already have.

Sword of Biting 10

This Dao, a curved Chinese broadsword, is enchanted by the spirit or its original owner. It lusts to avenge those who critically injure or kill its wielder. While the sword is being used in combat, each time the wielder takes damage, he can pay a Fortune (or derivative attribute) point to make an immediate counter attack. If the character is forced to keel over while using the Sword of Biting, the sword makes one final attack. This attack uses all the character’s remaining Fortune points and gets a +1 to the attack role for every point used in this manner.

Flying Guillotine 10

Feng Shui 2 Cover
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A basket with a series of vaguely explained blades around the rim. When thrown over an opponent’s head, it decapitates them and allows the attacks to retrieve the head in the basket. In Feng Shui it works as described against mooks. Against named foes, it is a damage 10 melee weapon, and the decapitation effect is a cinematic description of a killing blow. This weapon should not require a schtick to use.

If you want to see one of these in action, check out Season 11, Episode 7 of Mythbusters. I found the results surprising.

Sword of the Dragon King 10

This ancient sword combines an intricately carved jade dragon hilt with a blade forged in a dragon’s fire. A character attacking with the sword can choose to use their Sorcery skill, instead of Marital Arts, for the attack roll.

Taking Down Big Game

Shooting the worm in Tremors

Sometimes in Feng Shui 2 you go up against something really big and tough: a big bruiser, dinosaur, a giant worm, Tanbi Garau. When dealing with such big game, you need a whole new class of weapon.

Weapons this powerful really don’t do extra damage against normal creatures. I believe the technical term is blow through. Bigger targets are another story. These weapons are capped at 13 damage, like other rifles in Feng Shui 2. While some of those rifles have a bonus to hit mooks, these rifles do extra damage against targets with toughness schticks: like the Big Bruiser’s Very Big schtick, or extra wound points. As always, the GM is the final arbiter of what applies.

Double-barrel Big Game Hunting Rifle 13/5/6

The weapon of choice for Victorian aristocrats on safari, and Michael Gross in Tremors. It looks like a double-barrel shotgun, but the barrel is rifled and it fires a variety of very large rounds — .600 and .700 Nitro Express being the two largest. These weapons were the expensive toys of the elites, and they remain costly to this day. A rifle like this does +2 damage to tough opponents.

Double rifle

.700 WTF 13/4/6

For all of you who thought the Full Metal Nutball’s homemade weapons were a crazy idea, I present the .700 WTF. A home made gun, firing homemade bullets out of home modified brass. Actually, it’s still a crazy idea — just in a different way. The .700 WTF is a single-shot weapon. Its bullpup design has two advantages. First, the weapon is short so you can pretend it is concealable. Second, the bolt is right next to your head, so if anything goes wrong with this homemade monster, you are unlikely to suffer for long. It also does +2 damage against tough opponents.

.700 WTF

Marlin Model 1895SBL 13/5/4

This is the gun carried by Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, and it is pretty much ideal for demon hunting. It compensates for its small round (compared to the other two) by having a magazine capacity of 6. Its stainless steel barrel is weather resistant, and it has a military spec picaninny rail on top for mounting a wide variety of optics and other accessories. The 1895SBL will do an extra point of damage against tough opponents.

Marlin lever action rifle

I would also allow the Maverick Cop’s Winchester Model 70 to get a similar +1 damage against tough creatures. .458 magnum is plenty big enough.

How to Have Fun Splitting a Reaper Bones Kickstarter

Note: I originally wrote this post after receiving my Bones 1 miniatures in 2013. An update for later Bones projects is at the end.


I’m picky about what Kickstarters I decide to back. At first, the Reaper Bones Kickstarter didn’t interest me. There weren’t enough mini’s I wanted for the price, and risk, of backing early. However, by the second week it had shot past being a good deal, to WTF could I do with all of those miniatures?

My good friend and college roommate, Matt, felt the same way. I suggested buying into the Kickstarter together and splitting the minis. We would spread them out on a table and take turns selecting one. I joked, “it will be good to see which mini gets picked last.” My friend agreed, and we pledged for the large Vampire Box and extras like Mind You Manors and the Spider Centaurs for our draft. We each got a few things, such as Keladrax and the giants, for ourselves as well.

While we waited for our miniatures to arrive, we talked trash and strategized. I didn’t want to start by picking the minis I wanted most. Matt wasn’t likely to be interested in the Sci Fi minis. So, I wanted to snag some of the great fantasy ones we were both interested in. Otherwise, all I would get stuck with the dregs. Matt adopted a more aggressive strategy. He went for a few that he didn’t want, but I did, to use as hostages for trading fodder.

The Draft

When draft day arrived, there was so much anticipation that another friend of ours flew in from Canada to hang out for the weekend and watch the draft. Matt won the die roll for first pick — selecting the male storm giant. Without hesitating, I drafted the female spider demon (Lolth) and we were off.

Things drifted. There were moments of excitement and disappointment, and many of the choices were agonizing. But the fun kind of agony. Like a tense board game when you are planning a comeback. Each choice matters during the game, and at the end everybody walks away laughing.

The larger monsters went early, then the better character figures. After the first hour, we couldn’t see much progress. The pace quickened from there, and we conscripted the bulk of the miniatures during the second hour. I got most of the Sci Fi miniatures for an upcoming Traveller game, while my friend gathered more monsters and fantasy characters. By the end of the third hour, we were down to the least desirable minis. Some townsfolk, dungeon dressing, Astrid, the anachronistic bard, and some goblins were all that remained. Twenty minutes later, only a single miniature remained — the swarm of bats.

Looking back on it, the draft enhanced Reaper Bones Kickstarter for me. Sure, I enjoyed getting a good deal and I’m having fun painting them. But spending a long afternoon with friends; playing a game of selecting miniatures was the highlight.

We are looking forward to Reaper Bones Kickstarter II and hoping for another draft day in 2014. Comment below with your favorite part of the Kickstarter experience, or if you think you might try a draft next time.

The Bones 3 Spread
The Bones 3 Spread


Since this article was written, there have been four more Reaper Bones kickstarters, and a fifth one is currently in progress. We have continued holding drafts through all of these — though COVID has prevented us from drafting Bones 5. Hopefully it will finally come together memorial day weekend.

The format for the draft has remained largely the same. A third friend from Canada has joined us, and we’ve found that three makes it even more fun. You appreciate what you have if you have to “work” a little to do it.

If you’ve got a minute, watch the time lapse video of the Bones 3 draft. If you think this is something you might try, let us know in the comments. Finally, watch this space in late May for a break down and another time lapse video from our Bones 5 draft.

The Reaper Bones Kickstarter 4 Spread
The Reaper Bones Kickstarter 4 Spread

Giant Crystal Forest Sci Fi Terrain

Many of you had comments and questions about the giant crystal forest that appeared as sci fi terrain in some of my recent Beyond the Gates of Antares pictures. I’ve been wanting to blog again, and seemed an ideal subject.

Building the crystals is straightforward, and a good use for any scrap foam you have.


First, let’s take a quick look at how to use these crystals in a game of Beyond the Gates of Antares. If you have suggestions for other rule sets, post them in the comments below.

Crystal Forest

Giant crystals, or clusters of them, grow out of the ground like trees. The ground between them has filled in, allowing easy passage for troops.

LOS: Dense Terrain COVER: Res+2 DIFFICULT: NO/Impassible to large models

I treat the area under my crystal bridge as open, and passable to anything that fits under it.


  • Box Cutter — You want the kind with the blade you can snap pieces off of to keep it sharp. This type of box cutter can extend the blade a few inches so you can cut through thick foam.
  • Coping saw, scroll saw, or band saw — You only need this if you want to cut out base shapes
  • Paint brushes — I have collected a set of crappy brushes I use for painting terrain


  • Scraps of pink and blue foam in different thicknesses. I used 3/4”, 1” and 2”.
  • Pre-cut bases or thin board to cut your own — I use 1/8” (3mm) hardboard, though I plan to try foamed PVC next time I buy base materials.
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue and/or medium viscosity super glue
  • Stiff wire or long pins with tiny heads
  • Craft Acrylic Paint — White and appropriate “gem” colors
  • Whatever you use for finishing the bases of your terrain

Cutting Crystals

Don’t measure. Like many of the scenery projects, you don’t want things to be perfectly straight and even. Otherwise, it won’t look natural. Take your time eyeballing measurements, though. Things shouldn’t be too far off.

Here are the basic steps to cutting the crystal shapes.

  1. Cut strips of foam so they are roughly as wide as the foam is thick. That is, if you are cutting 1” foam, you want to end up with strips that are approximately 1” x 1”. At this point the length of the strips doesn’t matter.
  2. Now you want to cut your strips to lengths slightly longer than you want them — later steps will make them shorter. Make sure you cut a variety of lengths in all different thicknesses. You don’t want your 2” crystals to all be longer than your 3/4” crystals.
  3. Stand your foam strips on end and cut the corners off to make them octagonal. Don’t worry about precision geometry, you just want them to be octagonal-ish. Use a fresh, sharp blade here to help prevent tearing little pieces out of your foam.
  4. Finally, you need to cut the tops. Don’t sharpen them with lots of little cuts like you are whittling a marshmallow stick. Also, don’t try to make the facets from the body of your crystal come together at a perfect point. Look at pictures of real crystals and you notice that there are often 2 or 3 larger facets, and a number of smaller ones connecting them. The tips are never flat, but they are often edges and they are rarely centered over the body of the crystal.


you are aiming to make crystal forest scatter terrain, keep in mind that the crystal clusters will be wider than tree trunks. You will need to make bigger bases than you think. Be sure uo can move troops between the crystals. I have a pile of laser cut plywood bases that somebody gave me I try to use. If I can’t find the shape I want, I’ll cut it out on my scroll saw.

You could also base individual crystals, or crystal clusters, to use as obstacles. Again, just make sure your bases are large enough for the crystals you are intending to mount on them.

Mounting the Crystals

Mounting the crystals on the base is straight forward. I used Aleene’s tacky glue for most of the crystals. A few of the them didn’t want to stay where I put them with the tacky glue, so I used super glue for those. I also used wire to pin troublesome crystals to their more stable neighbors.

  1. Looking at your base, decide where you want your clusters of crystals to be. Select one of your larger crystals to be an anchor for this cluster. You can cut the bottom so that the crystal stands at a slight angle. Don’t put too much of an angle on it. These anchor crystals should stand straight for greatest stability.
  2. While you wait for the glue to set, cut bottoms of the remaining crystals. You want some to be nearly straight up and down. Others should be at more interesting angles.
  3. Glue your more vertical foam crystals around the anchor crystals. Line up the flat faces next to each other, but make positioning around the anchor crystal somewhat random. You don’t want them spread evenly around the anchor. The anchor doesn’t even have to be completely surrounded.
  4. Finally, attach your remaining crystals around the outside of the cluster. As always, avoid patterns. The crystals won’t all be pointing straight out. Some could cross over each other. You might have difficulty getting a few of these crystals to stay in place while they dry. Use pins and superglue it will work out.

Painting the Crystals

There are lots of tutorials out there for painting miniature gems. I took a simpler approach when painting my crystals, but if you want to take the time, you can get amazing results with these techniques.

You can use cheap, craft acrylic paint for most terrain projects. I bought a ton of it cheap a few years ago when a local craft store when out of business. You only need a couple colors for this project, white, and a rich gem color. I think the color I used was actually called sapphire blue.

  1. Put a healthy dollop of your gem color and another, smaller, dollop of white on a piece of palette paper, or parchment paper. Make sure they are separated by a couple of inches.
  2. Using your brush, pull some of the paint from each color towards the other and mix a little where they meet in the middle. You should have a range of colors between your dark gem color and white. You want quite a bit of your dark color to remain and just a little of the pure white.
  3. I found it easier to paint one crystal at a time. Starts by painting the bottom your dark color and carry that up 2/3 to 3/4 of the way to the top of the crystal.
  4. Take a lighter shade and paint down from the top. The higher the top is, the lighter you want it.
  5. As you get near the dark color, you can use the intermediary shades, and a little water to wet blend the transition between the colors. Longer crystals want a more gradual transition. Don’t sweat this too much. Just avoid having a sharp line between your light and dark shades.
  6. When the body color of the crystal is dry you want to highlight the edges with a side brushing technique. Load your brush with paint and gently slide the side of the brush up the edges of the crystals. Use the lighter color near the bottom of the crystal, and your white on the top.

Finishing the Bases

The final step is to finish the bases around and between the crystal clusters. Use whatever techniques you want to make the crystals fit into the rest of your scenery. I’ll cover the Mars basing techniques I use in a later article. You could also use more regular rocks, desert, or jungle vegetation. Another idea is to model the crystals coming out of buildings or street terrain as if they exploded out of the ground during a Sci Fi cataclysm.

If you think these giant crystals as neat, you might want to take a look at the Cave of Crystal Giants in Mexico. This natural cavern full of giant selenium crystals was found in a mine. The heat and humidity of the cave make it very difficult to explore. Sounds like a good job for Boromites!

I’d love to see what you all do with these ideas. Please, post pictures to your work in the comments blow along with any ideas you have for improving on my techniques

Mars Ground Effects for 28mm Miniature Wargaming

NASA photo showing blueish Martian rocks against the red dusty background.

A while ago, I posted an article about the giant crystal forests I made for Beyond the Gates of Antares. People asked a few questions about the grit I used on my Mars bases and the rock colors.

What are We Trying to Replicate

I want to replicate two different features common in Mars pictures. First is fine, red soil (called regolith) that seems to be everywhere. The red color comes from abundant iron oxide — yes, Mars is red because it is rusty. The second feature is the dark, polished rocks that seem to be abundant. I believe these are mostly basalt (cooled lava). The wind-blown soil wears down the one side and polishes it to an almost glossy sheen.

Making Martian Regolith


Fortunately, Woodland Scenics makes the perfect material for Martian regolith — iron ore ballast. That is the same material as the Martian soil. You will need all three grain sizes and a couple other colors for reasons I will explain later. Here is the materials list.

  • Woodland Scenics Iron Ore Fine Ballast
  • Woodland Scenics Iron Ore Medium Ballast
  • Woodland Scenics Iron Ore Coarse Ballast
  • Woodland Scenics Buff Medium Ballast
  • Woodland Scenics Lump Coal
  • Empty shaker

Early Experiments

My first thought for using the grit was to use mostly the coarse grit and use the fine grit to mark trails or other special things. That ended up looking terrible. There were too big issues. The first was that there wasn’t enough visual contrast between the grit sizes on the board, it all seemed to blend together. Additionally, the grit was too plain. One of those cases where even though the material was realistic, it didn’t look realistic.

I experiment for a while and discovered that mixing the grain sizes of iron oxide together was better. Then I tried mixing in some other colors of ballast and learned that small amounts of a lighter color (buff) an a darker color (coal) made it pop like I wanted.

Sample terrain pieces with the regolith applied.

The Formula

In your shaker mix the following colors, it seems to be better to mix the light and dark colors last.

  1. 1 part coarse iron oxide
  2. 2 parts medium iron oxide
  3. 1 part fine iron oxide
  4. Shake well to see if you have a decent mix of grains. Adjust if necessary.
  5. 1/4 part buff ballast
  6. 1/4 part lump coal
  7. Shake well and sprinkle onto some paper to see how it looks.
  8. Add very small amounts of buff and coal if necessary (it is much harder to add more iron oxide if you add too much buff/coal)

That is really all there is too it. Apply it however you would any other grit. I apply it over a brownish-gray substrate (Reaper Ashen Brown, see below). I do not paint this grit — it looks super as it is.

In progress game showing off the Martian terrain.

The Rocks

If you examine pictures of the wind swept rocks scattered around, you will notice a few features. They are all sloped more on the side of the prevailing winds. The are also glossy and tinged blue again on the side facing into the prevailing wind. This does not seem to apply to cliff faces or other forms of bedrock, just smaller rocks and boulders scattered around.


I use Reaper Paints, which I think is unusual in wargaming. If people want to post matching colors from other lines in the comments below that would be helpful.

  1. Rocks, these can be natural, cast from plaster or whatever. Try to find ones that have a more pronounced slope on one side.
  2. Dark primer, preferably black
  3. Reaper Dark Elf Shadow (09163)
  4. Reaper HD Ashen Brown (29831)
  5. Reaper Ashen Blue (09057)
  6. Matt coating
  7. Some sort of brushable, clear gloss coating. (I use Future Floor Wax, which is really gloss acrylic paint).

Making the Rocks

Note, that if you want rocks and regolith on the same piece, and you probably do, then you want to do the rocks first.

  1. Glue your rocks down paying attention to get the sloped sides facing the same direction. This is your windward side.
  2. Prime with your dark color and allow to dry
  3. Paint the entire rock with the dark elf shadow. Be sure to get in all the little nooks and crannies
  4. If you want, you could apply a thick black ink wash to darken the deep areas further.
  5. When that is dry, apply a heavy dry brush of the Ashen brown over the entire rock.
  6. You can paint the rest of the ground that you are going to cover with regolith that same ashen brown.
  7. Apply a moderate dry brush of the ashen blue only on the windward side. It totally looks like the wrong shade of blue — just trust me it will be fine.
  8. Apply your regolith between the rocks with PVA or whatever you normally use.
  9. When that is dry, apply your matt coat and any other sealer you want to use.
  10. Finally lightly dry brush the windward side with the gloss coating. The gloss coating is thin so do this carefully. Make a single light, pass on the windward side and let it dry. If it isn’t glossy enough, do another single, light pass and let it dry. If you brush back and forth like you usually do when dry brushing, the gloss will fill all the crevasses and ruin the effect.
  11. As a remind, do not apply any coating after dry brushing the gloss.

If you have any comments, suggestions or improvements, put them in the comments below.

New Fudge/Fate Dice

I’ve been a fan the Fudge (Free-form Universal Donated Gaming Engine) role-playing game since it first appeared in 1995. Fate evolved from Fudge years later, improving on it in many way. One key element of both games was their special dice. However, Fudge and Fate dice were always hard to find; and the original plain white ones with black symbols were kind of sad. So when Grey Ghost Press, started selling packs with 5 sets of 4 dice in several bright colors, I bought some.

OK, I bought a lot of them.

I wanted a set of every color made for myself. And two more sets of every color to give away to players in my convention games. A lack of dice shouldn’t keep people playing Fudge on their own after the con. People really appreciated walking away with their dice.

Fate Core Rulebook
Add Fate Core to your collection

Fast forward a few years, my interest in Fudge waned, but I still liked the dice. So I picked up a couple sets of the Olympic dice when Grey Ghost released them, and a couple sets of Evil Hat’s Wizard dice when those came out. Glow in the dark dice FTW. More recently, I backed a couple of Kickstarters for Fudge dice that haven’t delivered. Evil Hat’s Fate Core Kickstarter peaked my interest in trying Fate. It turns out, Fate is a lot of fun, and I get to use my funny looking dice again.

Enter the Fate Dice Kickstarter. I don’t know why nobody thought of themed sets of dice before, but that may be the sliced bread of gaming. As the Kickstarter progressed, it was clear that Evil Hat was working very hard to make these dice as good as they could be. You might say they were Invoking all of their aspects to get a Legendary result. I was feeling a little burned by Kickstarters, and didn’t go for two of each set. I bought one of each set in the first batch, and a second pack of the Fate Core set because they just looked so awesome. The second set was far enough out that I decided to see the first ones before spending money on them.

My new Fate dice came yesterday, and they are even better than expected. The color and quality are amazing, and the sets stick to their theme. The claim that the new glyphs would be easier to read, was questionable to me. I thought, it’s a + or a – sign, how hard is that to read. Well, they are easier to read. Even the orange on red of the “fire” dice from the Winter Knight set, is easy to read with the new symbols.

The new Fate dice are just a hair larger than the old Fudge dice. Their weight feels reasonable in your hand, and sounds good when they hit the table. That may sound like a silly criteria, but rolling dice are an important part of the role-playing experience. When I roll dice, I want to know I’ve rolled dice.

There are four different sets available currently:

  • Fate Core (Iridescent sapphire, emerald, purple)
  • Centurion (Pearlized deep red, black and gold)
  • Atomic Robo (Translucent blue and green, with a pearlized silver)
  • Winter Knight (Pearlized dark blue, and red, with a light iridescent blue)

My favorite is definitely Fate Core. The rich colors and iridescence make them stand out. They are sparkling gems in my dice bag. The high tech look of the Atomic Robo set makes them my second favorite.

At $15/pack of 12 ($18 for Winter Knight), that is $1.25/die. That is cheaper than Game Science non-Fate dice, and half the price of the Q-Workshop Fudge dice. Do I recommend awesome dice, in cool theme packs, at a good price. Duh! I’ll be picking up my second packs of Centurion, Atomic Robo and Winter Night dice — and two of each of the second wave when they are available.

Am I still giving Fate Dice away? Yup, I’ve got a Fate Traveller game this weekend. All 4 players are new to Fate. Two are new to the hobby entirely. Everybody will walk away with awesome dice.

My complete Fate/Fudge dice collection.
My Complete Fate/Fudge Dice Collection

Sylvan Master: The Feng Shui 2 App

If you were one of the 3,400 Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter backers, or have since acquired it from one of several fine purveyors of gaming pdfs, you may have noticed these strange square symbols on a few pages in the core rulebook. Those are QR codes. They are typically used to connect real-world object, signs, brochures, etc. to digital content. You use one of several apps on your mobile device to scan the code and get directed to a web page. A QR code in a catalog might take you to an order page, or a campaign brochure might take you a page to learn more about the candidate.

So, where will the Feng Shui 2 QR codes take me?

I’m glad you asked. If you are using an iOS device and the Sylvan Master app is installed, the code will launch the app and load the fight scene with the GMC’s data ready to go. Of course, you want to enter the heroes for your series ahead of time. Once that is done, you don’t need to enter any data for adventures published by Atlas Games. And you don’t have to navigate through the app while your game is in session. Just scan and hit “roll init.”

If you are not on an iOS device, or the app isn’t installed, the QR code will take you a nice web page that tells you about Sylvan Master and how to get the app.

How are you saving me time, if I have to leave the app, open a scanning tool, to be taken back into the app?

The app has a built in scanner. Look for the QR code/magnifying glass icon in the toolbar. The first time you will be prompted to give Sylvan Master permission to access the device’s camera. Once that is done, you can scan the QR codes right from the app. Of course, you can use any other QR code scanner you want to, if that is more convenient.

I can’t scan a QR code when I am reading Feng Shui 2 as a pdf on my device.

Good point. That is why we also made the QR code hyperlinks. Simply tap one in a pdf reader on your device and it will work just like the scanner.

OK, sounds neat. When will I be able to give it a try?

At this point the app is feature complete and in beta testing. I’ve got a good group of testers, which means that they are finding bugs and giving me lots of ideas for improvements. I am on target to put Sylvan Master up for sale on the app store before the Feng Shui 2 books start shipping. However, given the vagaries of getting app store approval and printing/shipping, both schedules are difficult to pin down. This is software, after all, so I am in good company if I answer with the proverbial “soon.”

Howard Carter in Hollow Earth Expedition

This was an article I wrote back in 2008 for the premier issue of Danger Magnet magazine. Last week was Howard Carter’s 138th birthday and an exciting new Egypt Exhibit is coming to the Boston Science Museum later this month. So the subject article has been on my mind. Enjoy.

“Can you see anything?” Lord Carnarvon asked. “Yes, wonderful things!”

“Can you see anything?” Lord Carnarvon asked. “Yes, wonderful things!”

Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon

Howard Carter‘s excavations of Tutankhamun’s tomb (or “King Tut” as the ancient boy Pharaoh is known in popular culture) appear to have been a straightforward and routine exercise in research, patience, and persistence. While the discovery process may have been dull, the discoveries themselves were anything but. Carter spent nearly a quarter of a century searching for and excavating the tomb that changed the world’s understanding of ancient Egypt forever. The road he traveled to the discovery, that would make his name famous, was long and challenging, to say the very least.


In 1874, Queen Victoria sat on the throne of Great Britain, the most influential and powerful nation in the world. That same year, Howard Carter was born in Kensington, near London. A year later, Britain purchased Egypt‘s share in the Suez Canal, and in 1882, Egypt was made a protectorate of the British Empire. The ancient land was all but absorbed as sovereign territory firmly under the control of the British Crown.

Early in his childhood, Carter was moved away from the disease and congestion of London to Swaffham, a small market town in the county of Norfolk, where he was raised by his two maiden aunts. As he grew up, Howard demonstrated great talent as an artist. He was trained by his father, a respected painter of the time.

Carter’s aspirations lay elsewhere, and his career in archaeology began when he was only seventeen. At that young age he traveled to Egypt to work on the excavations of several tombs at Beni Hasan. He recorded the inscriptions and paintings in the tombs by hanging tracing paper over them and copying them. He often lamented that this method produced poor results and wished that he could work freehand, but ultimately did as he was told.

In the following years, Carter worked on several different excavations, and became known for his practical abilities and attention to detail. In 1899, he took a position as one of two Chief Inspectors with the Egyptian Antiquities Service. As such, he was responsible for overseeing the Service‘s excavations, and inspecting those of foreign archaeologists as well. In 1905, Howard left this position after an incident with several drunken French tourists. Accounts of the incident vary wildly, but Carter‘s story was that the tourists forced entry into a tomb at Saqqara without paying, and roughed up some of Carter‘s Egyptian employees after being refused candles to see inside. Carter authorized, and some say even assisted, the Egyptians use of fisticuffs to defend themselves. The French filed an official complaint and demanded an apology from Carter. When Carter refused, his dismissal became inevitable, and he resigned.

This turn of events would eventually prove to be a stroke of luck for Carter. While he had a couple of hard years, in 1907 he met the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert — more simply known as Lord Carnarvon. Carnarvon was an avid collector of Egyptian antiquities, and fancied himself a gentleman Egyptologist. Impressed with Carter’s abilities, he agreed to finance Carter‘s excavations in the Valley of the Kings, near Thebes.

Working with American lawyer Theodore Davis, Carter found a pit filled with linens and other embalming materials marked with the seal of Tutankhamun. Previously, Davis had found an exquisite cup with Tut‘s name on it, and a funerary cache that had apparently been moved from Armarna and sealed by the Pharaoh. While Davis disregarded this evidence, Carter became convinced that this previously unknown pharaoh was buried in the valley.

Carter started a series of diggings for the tomb in 1914. Eight years later, after the 1921 digging season, Lord Carnarvon informed Carter that he would no longer provide funding for the excavations. Carter pleaded for one more season, agreeing that if nothing turned up he would pay for it himself, and Carnarvon reluctantly agreed.

Persistent and methodical, Carter picked up where he left off, below the tomb of Ramses VI. After only five days, on November 4, 1922, he found the top of a staircase that would descend into the tomb he sought, hidden under some ancient workmen’s huts for 3,000 years. It took only 22 days to enter the first chamber, but it would take nearly nine years to fully excavate the tomb.

Lord Carnarvon was there the day Carter peered into the tomb for the first time and he asked Carter a single question: Carnarvon asked, “Can you see anything?” Carter‘s reply, “Yes, wonderful things.”

Barely five months after the tomb‘s discovery, Lord Carnarvon died of pneumonia.

The tomb would prove to be the best preserved royal burial chambers ever to be unearthed, having only been broken into twice centuries earlier, with the thieves being unable to penetrate beyond the first chamber. Many of the wonderful artifacts associated with ancient Egypt to this day were discovered inside. These discoveries included the Pharaoh’s mummy and his now-famous opulent golden burial mask.

During the 1924 off-season, Carter gave a series of lectures, beginning in New York City. For over two months, he traveled throughout the United States and Canada, speaking to sold-out crowds about his discoveries. Soon thereafter, fed by the sensational press covering his discoveries, “Egyptomania” would sweep the globe, with the world becoming absolutely fascinated with anything and everything to do with ancient Egypt. This fascination continued through the 30’s, inspiring the 1932 film “The Mummy” (starring Boris Karloff), and innumerable stories in the “pulp” novels and magazines of the pre-war period. This fascination with ancient Egypt continues to this day.

After completing the excavation of the tomb in 1931, Carter retired to follow in Lord Carnarvon‘s footsteps as a successful collector of Egyptian antiquities. He ended up with several items from Tut’s tomb, though it was never clear if he obtained these in violation of his excavation permit, from the open market, or from Carnarvon‘s collection.

In his later years, Carter spent a lot of time in the Winter Palace Hotel in Luxor. People would say that he whiled away the days, sitting on the hotel veranda, staring in the direction of Tut’s tomb, totally lost in thought. Carter was never a healthy man, and in the late 1930‘s, illness forced him to return to Kensington, requiring the full-time care of a nurse. On March 2nd, 1939, at the age of 64, he died from lymphoma. His funeral was small, attended by fewer than 30 people.


In the world of Hollow Earth Expedition, the group known as the Terra Arcanum has worked for thousands of years to protect and keep secret the mysteries of the Hollow Earth. Their conspiracies crossed Carter‘s path early in his career. The group was funding and operating its own digs in Egypt. Their motivations ranged from finding and selling antiquities from their digs to fund other operations to recovering lost secrets related to the Hollow Earth before they might be exposed to the world. Their efforts were thwarted repeatedly by the probing questions of Howard Carter, the Chief Inspector of the Egyptian Antiquities Service. Carter was stubborn and inquisitive, and his refusal to be satisfied with vague answers from the Terra Arcanum’s field operatives often led him to more deeply investigate their efforts, causing interminable delays and other problems for Terra Arcanum.

Carnarvon, a highly placed Overseer within Terra Arcanum, was responsible for much of the Egyptian activity conducted by the London Chapter House. Carnarvon was instructed to address the situation. Instead of simply having Cart3er killed, Carnavon knew that the man‘s stubbornness could be his downfall. Carnavon alsorealized that Carter’s talents could likely be turned to serve the Terra Arcanum’s own excavation efforts. Carnarvon arranged the French tourist incident in Saqqara in order to have Carter dismissed, and thereby remove him as a threat. He let Carter suffer a couple of lean years before recruiting him to work on Terra Arcanum projects, as well as finance Carter’s own research.

When Carter uncovered the first evidence of Tutankhamun‘s tomb, Carnarvon was dismissive because Tut was virtually unknown, with no mention within the voluminous and comprehensive records of the Terra Arcanum records. However, Theodore Davis, an Overseer working for the Paris Chapter House, became convinced himself of Tut‘s reality, finding evidence that the discovery of Tut’s might be very dangerous to the Terra Arcanum’s mission. Davis was unable to stop Carter’s search for Tut‘s tomb before his own death at the age of 78 in 1915.

During the long years searching for the tomb, Carter discovered that Carnarvon himself had mysterious backers, quickly deducing the Terra Arcanum‘s existence. Long a believer in ancient secrets himself, it was an easy task for the London Chapter House of the Terra Arcanum to recuit Carter, and he was initiated as an Overseer in 1920. When Carter found Tut‘s tomb in 1922, some of the Secret Masters saw credence in Davis‘ theory and tried to shut the operation down. Davis‘ replacement poisoned Carnarvon and spread rumors of a curse — Terra Arcanum was no stranger to internal conflicts that often ended in the death of a rival.

Carter, while saddened by the loss of his friend, refused to give up the excavation. He convinced the Grand Master in London to continue the operation, promising to deliver whatever secrets were found to the Grand Master. The Grand Master agreed, seeing a way to potentially increase his own power, while diminishing that of his rival, the Grand Master in Paris. Carter’s excavations did, in fact, reveal one great secret, the evidence of which Carter quietly passed to London — the Mystery of the Aten.


The power wrangling and control of Terra Arcanum is not a recent development — their conspiracies go back well over 3,000 years, when the Hollow Earth still existed in legends and the Terra Arcanum struggled to control the Pharaohs of Egypt through the priesthood of Karnak.

During the 18th Dynasty, a religious revolution started by two successive Pharoahs, both enlightened and headstrong, briefly wrested control of Egypt from the Secret Masters. In the aftermath, evidence of this event was buried in the tomb of an 18 year-old Pharaoh, and his memory almost completely purged from history.

In 1380 BC, Amenhotep III reintroduced an obscure sun god to Egypt, the Aten. It was his son, Amenhotep IV, who brought the Aten to prominence. Amenhotep IV renamed himself Akhenaten (Servant of Aten), and moved the capital of Egypt from Thebes to the city now known as Armarna. He declared the Aten as the one true god, and forbade worship of all others. He even attempted to purge the names of the old gods from temples all along the Nile.

This religious revolution, along the movement of the capital, greatly reduced the influence and power of the priesthood at Karnak, thus increasing the power of the Pharaoh. Akhenaten also took the incredible step of sharing power with his first wife, Nefertiti, brilliant and powerful in her own right.

Akhenaten and Nefertiti ruled in Armarna for 20 years. Obsessed with evangelizing their new religion, near constant plague and internal unrest weakened Egypt until Akhenaten died. A mysterious and obscure figure, Smenkhkare, reigned as regent less than a year before Akhenaten’s son, the nine-year-old Tutankhaten, took power. Tutankhaten quickly abandoned the religion and city of his father, renaming himself Tutankhamun, and restoring the worship of the old gods. This restored the power of the priesthood, bringing the old order back to Egypt. His reign would be brief, however, with his life cut short at the age of 18. Tutankhamun was all but forgotten until his tomb was rediscovered in the 20th Century by Howard Carter.


More than a millennia earlier, Terra Arcanum records indicate that around 2600 BC Imhotep, high priest and architect of the Pyramids, discovered the Hollow Earth. Imhotep traveled into the Hollow Earth, seeking wisdom that he believed would save Egypt from internal strife and discontent. Upon his return to the surface world, Imhotep realized the danger of the power that he uncovered, and soon found himself recruited and indoctrinated within the Terra Arcanum. With the Terra Arcanum’s backing, he initiated the largest building projects conceived since those of the Atlanteans themselves. Imhotep quickly rose to the Inner Circle, and from that point the Terra Arcanum would use the priesthood to exert control over Egypt and its powerful Pharaohs.

This state of affairs continued for over 1,000 years until Amenhotep III, Tutankhamun’s grandfather, discov- ered a secret cache of Imhotep‘s records that had not been destroyed. Although a brilliant scholar, Amenhotep misunderstood Imhotep‘s reference to a great power in the sky (i.e. the Hollow Earth‘s sun) and began worshipping the sun as “the Aten,” albeit in a minor way. After his death, his son renamed himself Akhenaten, taking the worship of the Aten to the next level.

When the Terra Arcanum, through the priests of Karnak, tried to stop the new religion, Akhenaten began to suspect that there was a greater conspiracy at work. He moved the capital and tried to strip them of power. Additionally, he started expeditions to find the lost Temple of the Aten, as described by Imhotep.

The priests fought back. They spread a plague in Armarna and eventually assassinated Akhenaten. Intimidated by the priests’ powers and fearing for her life and that of her step-son Tutankhaten, Nefertiti disguised herself and took the throne as regent, using the name Smenkhkare. In accord with the will of the priests, “Smenkhkare” began the de-Atenization of Eqypt, which continued under Tutankhamun, restoring the traditional gods to Egypt.

Tutankhamun ruled just long enough to ensure a return to the old ways, before dying of mysterious causes. The last evidence of the conspiracy to depose Akhenaten was entombed with Tut, and over time, the priests worked to erase any evidence of the young king‘s existence. The tomb was discovered by thieves twice and resealed both times. The priests who served Terra Arcanum were concerned that if the tomb were looted its secret would be revealed, so 170 years after Tut‘s death, the priests started construction of Ramses VI‘s tomb, on top of Tut‘s. This act obliterated any evidence that Tut‘s tomb existed. Eventually even the Terra Arcanum would forget what happened, just as the Secret Masters wished… However, they did not foresee that they would set the stage for another crisis that could unravel centuries of their conspiracies when, in 1922, Howard Carter unsealed the inner chambers of Tutankhamun’s tomb.


Considered by many to be the most beautiful woman who ever lived, Nefertiti was a powerhouse in her day. She ruled next to Akhenaten as co-regent and was instrumental in the new religion they tried to introduce. She may also have been the Pharaoh Smenkhkare who ruled after Akhenaten.

Her mummy has never conclusively been identified, so perhaps she followed the Aten to the Hollow Earth where she reigns again, thousands of years older.



Sickly and slowly dying of lymphoma, Howard Carter contacts the PCs, seeking their help. He has had a profound change of heart about preserving the secrets he kept, and he now believes that the truth of the Hollow Earth might inspire humanity to avert the coming world war. He wants to send the PCs to recover scrolls and other evidence he has hidden, and then deliver them to an agent of the Brotherhood of Man (see Secrets of the Surface World, p.53). Carter is in London, the artifacts are in another city, and the Brotherhood agent is in a third, so this is an excellent adventure to showcase the various cities of Europe and the Middle East in 1936, as described in SotSW.


Henry Herbert, the 6th Earl of Carnarvon, has uncovered evidence that his father did not die of pneumonia as was reported. Suspecting foul play, the 6th Earl hires the PCs to find out who is responsible for his father’s death. Howard Carter may or may not be involved, but he is definitely the first stop in their search for clues.


The PCs stumble upon Nefertiti in an Atlantean temple in the Hollow Earth, still amazingly alive and vibrant after all this time. Upon learning that her stepson‘s tomb has been discovered, she offers a huge reward if his body is returned to her along with those responsible for disturbing him. If the ill Howard Carter is brought to Hollow Earth, Nefertiti comes to love him and heals his lymphoma. They live long and happy lives learning from one another. Alternatively, in her long exile, spent in deep contemplation of Atlantean secrets, the PCs arrival stirs her to return to the surface world… as a conqueror!


[1922 stats in brackets]
Mentor 3 [Ally 3]
Archetype: AcademicMotivation: Truth [Mysteries]
Style: 0Health: 5
Primary Attributes
Body: 1Charisma: 1
Dexterity: 2Intelligence: 4
Strength: 1 [2]Willpower: 4
Secondary Attributes
Size: 0Initiative: 6
Move: 3 [4]Defense: 3
Perception: 8Stun: 4
Art (Painting)46105
Rank 2 (Terra Arcanum, +4 social, bonus resource) [Mentor 3 (Lord Carnarvon, Terra Arcanum)]
Stubborn, Sickly
Ally 6
Archetype: QueenMotivation: Mysteries
Style: 0Health: 8
Primary Attributes
Body: 2Charisma: 6
Dexterity: 3Intelligence: 5
Strength: 1Willpower: 6
Secondary Attributes
Size: 0Initiative: 8
Move: 4Defense: 5
Perception: 11Stun: 2
Academics (Religion)511168
Academics (History)59147
Charisma, Bold Defense, Atlantean Blood, Atlantean Language,Atlantean Power Words, and Atlantean Commands.
Rank 5 (Powerful Queen)
Inscrutable, Elderly

A Golden Comeback: Feng Shui 2nd Edition

Click, click, click. Light from the naked bulb reflected off polished brass as bullet after bullet found their way home into the magazine. A man in a nicely tailored suit dropped the full clip onto the bed next to his MP-5 and started filling the fourth one. Nearby, a large man in jeans with a cricket bat paced around the small room.

A small wisp of a woman sat cross-legged, with her eyes closed, balanced on the edge of a worn desk. “Will you please stop pacing? Breathe. Focus.”

“I can’t,” the man replied, taking a swing at the air with his bat. “I’ve been waiting for this chance. It’s time to get back into the action.”

The suit spoke. “Then let’s go. It is time to let The Jade Wheel knows we are back in town.”

Tomorrow, at 8pm EDT, the Kickstarter for Feng Shui 2 will launch. I have waited a long time for this, and it is going to be amazing. My love of Feng Shui, goes back to the original edition. We were just finishing up a play test of GURPS Reign of Steel, when my good friend Lou Prosperi said, “Hey, we should try this next. Action movie roleplaying. Steve, there’s this killer archetype they made just for you…”

It was quite a jump from the gritty reality of GURPS to the cinematic melodrama of Feng Shui. However, once I tried the game, there wasn’t any going back. I did everything. I ran events at Gen Con (back when Gen Con was in Milwaukee). Wrote an article for Pyramid Magazine and started my first gaming website with more content for the game. I even toyed with the notion of starting a game company and publishing Feng Shui products under license back in 1997.

But people move, kids are born and new games appear. For years, I ran the occasional one-shot adventure, while hoping that someday a new edition would appear. When I heard about the Feng Shui 2 play test, I jumped on board. Now, two play test sessions, several thousand words of feedback and 4 Gen Con demos later; the Kickstarter is finally upon us.

To Celebrate this auspicious moment, I will release a series of short blog posts for Feng Shui 2. Some of the content comes from my original website, upgraded for new awesome. Much of it, however, is new material I toyed with over the intervening years. I’ve got an enormous pile of bad guys who need their butts kicked, cool locations to kick those butts, and new weapons to use in the kicking.

Lock and load, it’s time to rejoin the Chi War.